Posted on behalf of Gopal Tiwari

Hi All,

Date 7/02/14

Wow…!!! What a day it was. When I first enter to the conference
premises. The whole room was full of geeks. Good to see the big people
whom I have either seen on web or heard/read their name e.g Ric Wheeler,
Dan Walsh, Thomas Graf etc. I have just realised that this is gonna be
awesome/tough job for me.

1) First talk which I have attended was of Thomas Graf. It was “Network
stack overview”. One of the best talk attended. He walk through how the
data flows from the physical layer to application layer. His slides were
all self explanatory. It was good to hear some of the fine grained
concepts in the TCP stack when the data flows from one layer to another
layer especially when the data reaches to ring buffer. How and from
where the network analyser comes in to picture.

2) Docker software in the box : One the hot topic of the Devconf this
year. It was a very good talk. Awesome presenter! He gave detailed
explanation of the functionality with the practical demo as well.

3) DevAssistant : This is basically a programming tool. Which is very
helpful in managing your source or versions. This is pretty decent tool
which will be helpful managing multiple coding tasks.

4) How to update static analyser efficiently : Not of my much concern,
but gave some good points which might help me in writing the code or
optimizing the code. But it was worth that I have attended this session.
He gave good explanation, comparison (Language specific) about the
analyser available in open source and proprietor.

Here it comes time for “USB protocol and architecture overview”

I’ve reached Lab room-L3 10 minutes before the talk where I supposed to
deliver the talk. In some time people have started to come. In next 5
minutes, I could see there are 20-25 people gathered around and waiting
previous session to finish. Although I was bit nervous, special thanks
to my SEG/GSS India team who have attended my session earlier and
provided the feedback for improvement. This was a very big opportunity
for me to introduce myself to the new world of DevConf.

I’ve started with introducing myself and had interactive session.

It was great feeling, session ended smoothly, people were very good and
asking doubts as in when they feel they want to know more. There were
more then 15 questions asked but few of them which I enjoyed very much
while answering, worth mentioning here:

1) Can we change the bandwidth distribution of the USB depending on the
2) Why generally USB Mass storage devices some times slow and some times
3) Why there are bandwidth segregation in USB ?
4) Where wireless device fit in USB architecture ?
5) What are the possibilities of data loss in USB or is the HOST is
reliable to channelize the data to the specific device? if yes, how?
6) Can we reduce or increase the frequency of data extraction of device?
if so, how?
7) How do you measure frequency of data read/write in case of USB mass
storage ?

It took around 80 minutes to wind up . It was the best 80 minutes for
me. I was relax and happy.

Data 08/02/14

What’s up in kernel land : Was a good session. Gives an overview of
recent developments in the Linux kernel world; it among other will
discuss what major changes the recent kernel versions brought, what the
next kernel version will contain and what the kernel developers are
working on for the near future.

Persistent memory: What changes when (By Ric Wheeler): One of the best
speaker I can imagine. Awesome command over subject, a very nice and
cool speaker who understand the crowd. The subject was fully covered by
the stories. As per the subject session explain more about persistent
memory advantages/disadvantages. These technologies exist today in the
market and will be coming into broad use over the next few years.This
presentation will give some details of what work is going on in the
kernel to prepare file and storage systems for keeping up with the
demands of this new technology. New file systems, performance tuning of
the existing stack and proposals around how applications will need to
change will all be discussed.

Porting the Linux Kernel : This was more of related to challenges when
you are trying to port the linux over different architecter. Gave good
examples about small small issue like how data types or endieness can
play a role while porting. This was more about the how, what, why and
where of dealing with a code base that can be built on dozens of
platforms at the same time.

Rather the whole day was belongs to virtualization stuff.

Data 09/02/14

Perf analysis : Was about “How to use perf for application/kernel
profiling by showing practical examples of various perf commands.”.

Introduction to Linux Kernel Development: Was a pretty basic talk. Was
more of discussion about kernel basics and how to stuffs related to kernel.

The overall experience of DevConf was awesome. Got the chance to meet
lot of new fellows who are working on kernel, Kde, Gnome, DevAssistant,
filesystem etc. It was a nice experience to be there and knowing about the future stuffs.

Once again a great thanks to all for your great encouragement,
motivation and your valuable support during my rehearsals.