Have you ever had an awesome song on your phone, and want to listen to it on your desktop without moving the file over? Or want to easily listen to your preferred streaming music service easily on your computer? Fedora Workstation has a neat little feature that allows you to easily stream music from your phone via bluetooth, and it is a breeze to get working.

I tried it out on a Fedora 22 Workstation fresh install (on a laptop with a bluetooth adapter), and a Nexus 5 mobile phone running Android 5.1.1.

All you need to do is pair your phone with your Fedora 22 workstation, and then ensure that sending audio is enabled on your phone. Now, when you start playing audio on your phone, the sound will be coming from the speakers or headphones attached to your Fedora Workstation machine, rather than your phone. I tested this out with the built-in music app on Android 5 “Lollipop”, and the Spotify app, and it all worked excellently. One thing I did notice, however, was that the playback was cutting in and out — but that was fixed by closing the bluetooth settings dialog.