Fedora 21 Workstation (which is currently in alpha), contains a neat new default application for quickly viewing and searching the logs of your system. It places all the journald logs in a simple to use interface without having to use the command line. Logs gives you a simple interface with a list of major log categories listed on the left pane, and once you click on a category, it gives you a list of log entries (and summaries) that can be clicked on and viewed in full. Also it is possible to search for keywords in a particular category by using the filtering for keywords feature.

This new application, simply called Logs should be installed by default on your Fedora 21 and can be found in the Activities overview by simply searching for “Logs”. On Fedora 20, you can install the Logs application from the Software application. Note also that there is an older System Logs application also available in Fedora that browses the old style logs listed in /var/