Public Fedora Board Meeting — Monday June 9th 2014

Matthew Miller just announced that fortnightly public Fedora Board meetings are starting up again. The first meeting will be on Monday the 9th of June at 17:00 UTC time.

Board meetings are held in the #fedora-meeting chat room on the Freenode IRC network. The Board should have an agenda posted for this meeting sometime before the meeting begins, however Matt still notes that:

the meeting will still be held as an open-floor discussion of current high-level issues in Fedora.

For those new to Fedora, the Fedora Project Board contains 9 Members and advises Fedora leadership and helps the project pursue broad goals for Fedora. The current 9 members of the Board are: Matthew Miller (mattdm)Christoph Wickert (cwickert)Garrett Holmstrom (gholms), John Rose (inode0), Matthew Garrett (mjg59), Eric Christensen (Sparks), Josh Boyer (jwb), Haïkel Guémar (number80), and Neville Cross (yn1v)

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  1. To make the date query work, use straight quotes rather than backticks:

    $ date -d '2014-06-09 17:00 UTC'
    Mon Jun  9 10:00:00 PDT 2014

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