Matthew Miller just announced that fortnightly public Fedora Board meetings are starting up again. The first meeting will be on Monday the 9th of June at 17:00 UTC time.

Board meetings are held in the #fedora-meeting chat room on the Freenode IRC network. The Board should have an agenda posted for this meeting sometime before the meeting begins, however Matt still notes that:

the meeting will still be held as an open-floor discussion of current high-level issues in Fedora.

For those new to Fedora, the Fedora Project Board contains 9 Members and advises Fedora leadership and helps the project pursue broad goals for Fedora. The current 9 members of the Board are: Matthew Miller (mattdm)Christoph Wickert (cwickert)Garrett Holmstrom (gholms), John Rose (inode0), Matthew Garrett (mjg59), Eric Christensen (Sparks), Josh Boyer (jwb), Haïkel Guémar (number80), and Neville Cross (yn1v)