New Labs, Spins and ARM websites for Fedora 22

Fedora 22 has been released and so far it’s a really awesome Fedora release and the feedback is positive. What you may have missed is that we have also released three new websites:

The Websites Team started on these not too long ago, just a few days after F22 Beta release, and it was challenging to finish all the work for these sites in time, collecting information from Spin SIGs, getting legal approval, making new translation resources and, and, and…

A lot of hard work went into the sites, which is the result of some helping hands, with a lot of important work from the Design Team. Mairin Duffy (aka mizmo) came up with really nice mockups, and I (robyduck) coded them mainly, but without some other members of the Websites Team, and information from the Spin SIGs and the ARM folks it would have been never possible. At this point it’s worth to mention also L10n teams, who did a lot of hard work, because all the pages were made from scratch and all strings were new.

So we have finally a new website. The previous one was a bit outdated, and during the last release also very confusing, because it served also for Docker and ARM which are not Spins…

On the new Spins website now we have only Desktop Spins (KDE, Xfce, LXDE, MATE-Compiz and SoaS) and one of the goal was to give end users more “look and feel” of what they would get if they install one of these. The result is pretty nice and for now also Spin SIGs seem to appreciate the work.

Schermata da 2015-05-26 13:15:06

The other, more functional spins, also have their new websites and as many of them are called Labs we decided to make a new website. The structure is very similar to spins with just a few things different. It’s really nice to see how many goals we can achieve with these functional spins, and now that we show more featured applications for every single spin, users probably will try them out more than in the past.

Schermata da 2015-05-26 13:20:36

And what about ARM? Yeah, ARM is primary and deserved its own website too, so for all ARM images is the place you want to go if you need these Fedora images. A very simple but functional one-pager, and hopefully also ARM folks will appreciate it.

Schermata da 2015-05-26 13:21:06

All of our websites, including and, now are mobile friendly and should work with all devices. We did some tests, but we have so many images, links, scripts etc. now, there could be still some hidden mistakes around. In this case please file a ticket in our websites Trac at

Enjoy the new websites and happy Fedora 22 to all!

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  1. Alex

    Thank you very much for your work and wonderful work. It’s a really nice work, nice operating system, wish you luck and new achievements in future. I enjoy Fedora 22 KDE.

  2. Mike Simms

    Nice work on the spins and labs websites.

  3. Mogeni Elvis

    I like Fedora day by day. It has a wonderful support community base, driven by the community for the community and the world. Its a great reach out to the next generation info in the current day. They are great sites for newbies, highly polished interfaces, with apt language and description.
    Thanks guys for the awesome job.

  4. Charles

    Nice work on the mate spin. First Fedora I could actually try out with everything working. (wireless)

  5. Great work. I’m looking forward to test Fedora’s Xfce and GNOME spins.

    • Rene

      Gnome is the standard GUI you don’t need to wait for it 😉

  6. And these simpler, logical pathways to a ‘Fedora of Things’ allow for the case-mix diversity needed to best test usability with hardware, software, and a secure configuration for what really matters with each implementation. That’s a smart move and investment for future Red Hat products.

  7. Dimitry

    Insist on looking forward and paying attention to Cinnamon spin. LM Cinnamon is one of the most favored forks of another open-source project. Mind including Cinnamon desktop into officially bothered ones, and you’ll get significant market share – bet it.

    • Mike Simms

      A Cinnamon Spin is in the pipeline. Target F23 if approved for official Fedora branding usage.

  8. msx


    Just kiddin’, so far F22 is an amazing release, GNOME Shell is working smooth like butter, dnf gained asynchronous capabilities – no more locking when searching for a package while already downloading/installing anything else -, systemd support is just fantastic, the kernel works lovely and well, overall everything feels pretty snappy.

    Kudos to everyone, you rock guys.

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