RedShift is a utility that we have previously featured here at the Fedora Magazine. It is a small utility that automatically tweaks the color temperature towards the red end of the spectrum after dark. Blue light — which is typically emitted by a monitor — is shown to negatively impact sleep patterns if you are exposed to it after dark. Night Light is a new feature arriving in Fedora 26 Workstation — thanks to it being introduced in GNOME 3.24. Night Light provides the functionality of RedShift without having to install a separate utility or extension.


Enabling Night Light color temperature tweaking.

Currently, Night Light is only available if you are running a Fedora 26 pre-release. Enable Night Light in Fedora 26 with the new item in the Display Settings. The quickest way to access this page is to right-click on your background wallpaper, and pick Display Settings. Once Night Light is turned on, there will be a new icon in the status area (top right) of your Desktop to show you which mode it is in.

One thing that cannot be tweaked in the new Display Settings dialog for Night Light is the temperature value. If you are feeling adventerous, this can be tweaked in the dconf Editor. The default value of 4000 was a little too red for my eyes, so I tweaked it to 4500.