Introducing the extra Fedora 23 wallpapers

More then a month ago Fedora called for submissions for the supplemental wallpaper package for Fedora 23. We got a lot of submissions this time. In fact, we broke all our previous records, with 199 submissions. We had 73 different participants who submitted to the contest. Many of them were first time contributors.

To all our contributors, thank you. And remember, you’re winners even if your wallpaper was not among the top selections! You’ve made your first contribution to Fedora, so congratulations and we hope you continue to contribute.

Unfortunately, though, we also broke also the record for rejections. Most were due to a trademark logo in the image, or image manipulations without evidence of proper licensing from an original source photo. This meant we couldn’t take these images for use as free content.

We had to reject 42 submissions, and so 157 photos ended up in the pool for voting. It wasn’t an easy task for 97 voters to select 16 of these, especially since the quality overall was very high. If you want to know more about the results, Nuancier provides a page with statistics about the voting process.

And now to the winners!

We’ll have these beautiful wallpapers in Fedora 23:

Fedora23 Supplemental Wallpapers


Fedora Project community


  1. Kostic

    Please tell me that these wallpapers will be available for use out of the box, after the install…

  2. wagner

    great!!! terrific!!!

  3. Sumit Bhardwaj

    Thanks for posting….these are looking really good 🙂

    But, how to install these wallpapers (in any release not specifically F23)? These are not available by default. What is the package name?

    • Heiko

      Normally the package is named like $releasename-backgrounds-extras-base

      • icywind

        Is there any reason why they are not default installed?

      • Neither the packages f22-backgrounds-extras-* nor f23-backgrounds-extras-* exist.

        I have f23-backgrounds-gnome installed, but I don’t have the above wallpapers. So, what is the package name?

        And is it normal that f23-backgrounds-xfce depends on Thunar and the Xfce desktop? Since f23-backgrounds depends on f23-backgrounds-xfce, installing the former also installs the Xfce desktop.

  4. Vineet Tuli


    I am really excited to see three of my submissions selected for final release. Just waiting for the Fedora 23 release now.

  5. Mike Simms

    Congratulations if your image is included in the selection above. There were some very nice submissions which is fantastic for Fedora. For F24 onwards, instead of having a generic default SVG wallpaper I have a suggestion. The submitted image with the most votes becomes the new default. Then the 16 runners up after that are the supplemental.

  6. Usuário do Fedora desde a primeira versão FC1, fico feliz em saber que a foto que enviei foi selecionada. Uhulll

  7. Leslie Satenstein

    It would be nice to have the titles of the papears and artist attributed.

  8. I like 🙂 the wallpaper is cool

  9. rashky

    i think we have to wait for update and install f23-backgrounds-gnome.noarch . We are all excited for the released of the fedora 23… 😀

  10. archuser

    I dont think any of these wallpapers are original , i have already seen these on the internet.

    • Mike Simms

      Where? That’s a pretty bold statement to make. Can you provide links?

    • Vineet Tuli

      Hi archuser, three of the above selected wallpapers are my original submissions and have been clicked by me personally.

      Also I think you should provide some links in support of your statement if you find any of these images on the inetrnet.

  11. Przemek

    where / how I can get those 🙂 ?

  12. Heiko

    Let’s hope it doesn’t take the same time to package them it took on Fedora 22 :p

  13. joash

    i think that the xo app will be very good

  14. Vineet Tuli

    Hi, Just for everybody’s information the package for the Supplemental Wallpapers for Fedora 23 is ready and released for testing:

    Thanks to the entire Fedora Design team for releasing this along with the Fedora 23 Distro…


  15. Prosun Prodhan

    Great….keep it up….

  16. Neil

    too bad with can’t handle .xml wallpapers (Cinnamon Spin)

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