The Fedora Labs are a selection of curated bundles of purpose-driven software and content as curated and maintained by members of the Fedora Community. Some of the current Labs are the Design Suite, the Security Lab, and the Robotics Suite. The recent release of Fedora 26 includes the brand new Python Classroom Lab.

The new Python Classroom Lab is a ready-to-use operating system for teachers to use Fedora in their classrooms. The Lab comes pre-installed with a bunch of useful tools for teaching Python. The Python Classroom has 3 variants: a live image based on the GNOME desktop, a Vagrant image, and a Docker container.

Multiple Python interpreters

The Lab includes several python interpreters by default, including CPython 3.6, CPython 2.7 and PyPy 3.3. Additionally, tox is available by default to assist running Python code on the different Python implementations.

Tools, Libraries, and Applications

The Python Classroom Lab also includes a range of tools, libraries, and applications that are useful when learning Python. The Scientific Python stack provides Python libraries for scientific computation and visualization. IPython — an enhanced Python Shell — is also installed by default. Additionally, Jupyter Notebook is included, providing a web-based environment for interactive computing and visualizations. Other tools and applications include virtualenv, the Ninja IDE, and the Python Integrated Development and Learning Environment (IDLE)