The development team behind Flatpak has just announced the general availability of the Flatpak desktop application framework. Flatpak (which was also known during development as xdg-app) provides the ability for an application — bundled as a Flatpak — to be installed and run easily and consistently on many different Linux distributions. Applications bundled as Flatpaks also have the ability to be sandboxed for security, isolating them from your operating system, and other applications. Check out the Flatpak website, and the press release for more information on the tech that makes up the Flatpak framework.

Installing Flatpak on Fedora

For users wanting to run applications bundled as Flatpaks, installation on Fedora is easy, with Flatpak already available in the official Fedora 23 and Fedora 24 repositories. The Flatpak website has full details on installation on Fedora, as well as how to install on Arch, Debian, Mageia, and Ubuntu. Many applications have builds already bundled with Flatpak — including LibreOffice, and nightly builds of popular graphics applications Inkscape and GIMP.

For Application Developers

If you are an application developer, the Flatpak website also contains some great resources on getting started bundling and distributing your applications with Flatpak. These resources contain information on using Flakpak SDKs to build standalone, sandboxed Flatpak applications.