Today, the Fedora Project is proud to announce the launch of a new publication platform for Fedora contributors: the Fedora Community Blog. The Fedora Community Blog intends to better connect the different projects, groups, and efforts going on in the community every day. Teams are encouraged to share their goals, achievements, and calls for assistance on this blog to help improve the overall interconnectedness of the community.

Where to learn more

Every team or group in the project is encouraged to make an effort to share the work that they do with their groups with the rest of the community. Take a moment to check out the Community Blog at and read the introduction post to get a better idea of what is planned. We are excited to be launching this blog to help tie our community closer together with news and information. As things begin to get rolling, we anticipate seeing what the rest of our community puts together to publish here.

If you have any other questions about the Community Blog, come by and say hello on freenode in #fedora-commops or drop a line in the CommOps mailing list.