How to install Chromium in Fedora

Google’s Chrome is one of the most popular Web browsers in the world. It includes support for a number of nonfree or encumbered formats often found on websites. However, some users prefer to avoid these formats. Instead, they prefer to use and promote free, open source, and unencumbered software. The open source Chromium browser provides an ideal solution for these users.

Recognize that this browser is not functionally equivalent to Chrome. Because it specifically removes support for some formats, some websites may not function as expected. However, many sites provide fallbacks that work with free formats.

Chromium on Fedora 25

Chromium on Fedora 25

How to install Chromium

Originally this package was only available through a COPR repository. However, now the package is freely available in Fedora through the official repositories. To install it, you can use the Software tool in Fedora Workstation. Search for chromium and then install the official package.

Alternately use dnf along with the sudo command:

sudo dnf install chromium

Now select the app in the GNOME Shell or your desktop menu and take this open source browser for a spin!

Additional notes

The Fedora wiki has a short page with notes on running Chromium. It also explains how to run some specific plugins in this open source browser.





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  1. Ivan Augusto

    I’ve replaced Chrome for Chromium about 1 year ago, and it’s awesome! The simple fact that it are available by default on repos make more easy to use it 😀

  2. Kanishk Dudeja

    Does Chromium run on Wayland natively or on XWayland ?

  3. Ahmed

    How would you add Pepper flash to it?

  4. kapoath

    Due to recent events, it would be good, to have a series of articles on security.

  5. fkooman

    @kapoath The main problem with Chromium is, or was at least, that it was lagging behind official “Chrome” releases regarding security updates. This is a big problem. At least Firefox will get the update after a couple of days…

    • This lack is the reason why Fedora’s chromium IMHO isn’t ready to be a primary browser

  6. anonymous

    but – being an open source project not associated with Google… how does one know it is safe to enter username and password to various sites using chromium, that username and password will not be stolen by a developer placing malicious code in chromium?

  7. raqtim

    it does not run as root…………
    can anyone give solution for this?

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