Inkscape 0.92 available in Fedora

Earlier this month, the Inkscape project released version 0.92 of the Inkscape vector graphics editor. Inkscape 0.92 is now also available for download from the official Fedora repositories for Fedora 24 and Fedora 25. If you already have Inkscape installed, you will receive the updated version when you next update with DNF or the Software Application.

Inkscape is a versatile, feature rich vector graphics editor that can be used for a wide range of tasks, including UI mockups, icons, logos, digital illustration. Inkscape uses the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format as the primary source filetype, which is getting more and more popular as a format for vector graphics on the web. Inkscape can also export to a wide range of different formats, including PNG and PDF.

What’s new in Inkscape 0.92

Despite the seemingly small version number bump from the previous 0.91 release of Inkscape,  Inkscape 0.92 provides a range of new features and bugfixes, including mesh gradients, improved support for the SVG2 and CSS3 specs, brand new path effects, and the new Object dialog managment of objects. The Inkscape 0.92 Release Notes has a full list and descriptions of all the new features and bugfixes.

Mesh Gradients

The flagship new feature in this updated version of Inkscape is support for creating and editing gradient meshes. In previous versions of Inkscape, creating complex shading involved multiple objects with gradients and blurs applied. With gradient meshes in Inkscape, it is now possible to create more complex shading effects with a single gradient.

A single inkscape rectangle object with a mesh gradient applied

With mesh gradients it is also possible now to create single, detailed conical gradients, which can be used to simulate shiny metal discs, or create a colorwheel:


Objects Dialog

Inkscape 0.92 also introduces a new objects dialog that will be useful for artists that have complicated drawings with many objects, grouped in many ways. This new dialog provides a tree view of all the objects in the document, allowing you to drill down and find the specific element you want to work on:


Be sure to check out the Release Notes and the Release Announcement for more details on these and the many other features in this new version of Inkscape.








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  1. Kefir

    It fixed a major bug I had with inkscape so that’s great, but be adviced that users have reported serious issues regarding backward comparability. I’m not affected as I don’t depend on work made in previous versions, but if you are you should read this before you decide to upgrade:

  2. Kefir

    That should have been compatibility. Blame it on autocorrect :p

  3. Null_Pointer_00

    Inkscape, among other applications, is affected by this bug which makes it unusuable.

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