Heroes of Fedora QA: Fedora 21 – Part 2

Earlier this week we took a look at the statistics from the Fedora Wiki. This post will cover all the stats from the work done to test updated packages to ensure they were ready for prime time in the stable repositories. Similar to the last post, we’ll be looking at the stats from all three milestones (Alpha, Beta and Final). Now that you’ve had some background, let’s get to the statistics!

Bodhi stats

These numbers are a slightly truncated list of users who provided feedback in Bodhi. Users leave karma on the update and once it gets enough karma from testers, it can go into the stable repositories. These numbers reflect the amount of karma each user left.


Testers: 108
Comments: 550

Name Updates commented
Carlos Morel-Riquelme (n0oir) 78
Parag Nemade (pnemade) 57
Haïkel Guémar (hguemar) 37
Piotr Drąg (raven) 26
Igor Gnatenko (ignatenkobrain) 26
Fabio Valentini (fafatheone) 26
nonamedotc 24
Marek Dolezel (mdolezel) 23
Christopher Meng (cicku) 19
Adam Williamson (adamwill) 19
Chris Sandler (chr77) 18
Ankur Sinha (ankursinha) 16
Jiří Popelka (jpopelka) 13
taskotron bot user (taskotron) 9
Pravin Satpute (pravins) 7
Hans Müller (cairo) 7
Peter Robinson (pbrobinson) 6
Martti Kuosmanen (kuosmanen) 5
Menanteau Guy (menantea) 5
bitlord 5
menantea at linux.vnet.ibm.com 4
Endi Sukma Dewata (edewata) 4
Abhishek Koneru (kaskahn) 4
Elad Alfassa (elad) 3
Stef Walter (stefw) 3
Paul Whalen (pwhalen) 3
Marius Vollmer (mvo) 3
Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) 3
robatino 3
Fraser Tweedale (ftweedal) 3
Karsten Hopp (karsten) 3
nucleo 3
…and also 76 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 85 reports combined!

Carlos, Parag and Haïkel rocked the testing with a combined total of 172. That’s 31% of all comments during alpha, great work! 550 comments and 108 testers might seem like a lot – but check out the stats for Beta.


Testers: 199
Comments: 2406

Name Updates commented
taskotron bot user (taskotron) 991
Chris Sandler (chr77) 222
Carlos Morel-Riquelme (n0oir) 180
Hans Müller (cairo) 151
Parag Nemade (pnemade) 121
Pravin Satpute (pravins) 107
Martti Kuosmanen (kuosmanen) 51
Piotr Drąg (raven) 49
nonamedotc 43
Ankur Sinha (ankursinha) 23
Christopher Meng (cicku) 22
bitlord 22
Adam Williamson (adamwill) 20
Peter Smith (smithp) 19
Ray Griffin (rorgoroth) 17
Fabio Valentini (fafatheone) 17
Jiří Popelka (jpopelka) 12
Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) 12
Pete Travis (immanetize) 9
Peter Robinson (pbrobinson) 8
smithers (greg18) 8
Wolfgang Ulbrich (raveit65) 7
Kalev Lember (kalev) 7
Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) 7
mbasti 6
pspacek 6
Mike Ruckman (roshi) 5
David Kupka (dkupka) 5
Matthew Miller (mattdm) 5
Kamil Páral (kparal) 5
Kevin Fenzi (kevin) 5
Paul Whalen (pwhalen) 4
James Smith (smittix) 4
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek (zbyszek) 4
abbra 4
Orion Poplawski (orion) 4
Nie Lili (lnie) 4
nucleo 4
Jeremy Rimpo (jrimpo) 3
yuwata 3
Raphael Groner (raphgro) 3
Joachim Backes (backes) 3
Morten Stevens (mstevens) 3
Colin J Thomson (g6avk) 3
leigh123linux 3
Christian Stadelmann (genodeftest) 3
Dr. David Alan Gilbert (penguin42) 3
Christian Dersch (lupinix) 3
Michael Schwendt (mschwendt) 3
Karsten Hopp (karsten) 3
Robert Mayr (robyduck) 3
…and also 148 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 177 reports combined!

Beta is when Taskotron took over for AutoQA – which is able to run tasks on each package and leave comments on any issues it finds. A big thanks to the Fedora QA devel team for working so hard on this and getting it in place! When you take out the results from taskotron, we had an increase of 90 people leaving karma and 865 more comments left compared to Alpha.

Chris Sandler tested 222 packages, edging out Carlos by a mere 42. Parag dropped down to 4th and Hans Müller came out of nowhere in 3rd with 151. Great work!


Testers: 185
Comments: 989

Name Updates commented
Carlos Morel-Riquelme (n0oir) 93
Hans Müller (cairo) 83
Chris Sandler (chr77) 82
Peter Smith (smithp) 78
Parag Nemade (pnemade) 76
Martti Kuosmanen (kuosmanen) 73
nonamedotc 35
Piotr Drąg (raven) 34
Pravin Satpute (pravins) 23
bitlord 20
Ray Griffin (rorgoroth) 18
Nie Lili (lnie) 17
Adam Williamson (adamwill) 14
amritha p.k (amrithajij) 13
Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) 13
Peter Robinson (pbrobinson) 12
Petr Schindler (pschindl) 11
smithers (greg18) 10
Kalev Lember (kalev) 8
leigh123linux 8
Kamil Páral (kparal) 6
Kevin Fenzi (kevin) 6
Wolfgang Ulbrich (raveit65) 5
Joel Burleson-Davis (sysengbd) 5
Mat Booth (mbooth) 5
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky (znmeb) 5
Christopher Meng (cicku) 5
Orion Poplawski (orion) 5
Thomas Gilliard (satellit) 5
abbra 4
Paul Whalen (pwhalen) 4
Rex Dieter (rdieter) 4
Konenko Andrey (lonelywoolf) 4
Pete Walter (pwalter) 4
Dan Mossor (dmossor) 4
Michael Schwendt (mschwendt) 4
Fabio Valentini (fafatheone) 4
Mike Ruckman (roshi) 3
Jiří Popelka (jpopelka) 3
Luke Macken (lmacken) 3
Gene Czarcinski (gczarcinski) 3
Matthew Miller (mattdm) 3
David King (amigadave) 3
bojan 3
Gonzalo Odiard (godiard) 3
sbose 3
Thomas Spura (tomspur) 3
shilpa gite (shilpagite) 3
Colin Walters (walters) 3
…and also 135 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 153 reports combined!

Even through to final, Carlos continued to rule Bodhi stats with 93 comments. Hans and Chris were  neck and neck with 83 and 82 respectively. It’s awesome to see so many people testing packages, helping get packages out to the rest of the Fedora community! Thanks to everyone who helped throughout F21!

Next time, we’ll look through the statistics for Bugzilla. Stay tuned!


1 – If a person provides multiple comments to a single update, it is considered as a single comment. Karma value is not taken into account.

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  1. Mike S

    Thank you to all the Heroes of F21 for helping to make the release version as stable and usable as it is.

    I’ve just read that Dave Jones is moving on from Red Hat to pastures new on his blog page. So I’d also like to thank Dave for his valuable contributions over the past 11 and a half years. Maybe he will get mentioned in the next 5TFTW or honoured with an article of his own. Anyhow all the best for the future Dave.

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