Hello, Modern Paste!

Fedora offers a pastebin service for its users and contributors. A pastebin lets you save text on a website for a length of time. This helps you exchange data easily with other users. For example, you can post error messages for help with a bug or other issue.

If you use Fedora’s fpaste pastebin service, you’re in for some exciting changes. Fedora has switched to Modern Paste for your pastebin needs.

Welcome our new Modern Paste overlord

Modern Paste is an actively maintained, free software pastebin app. It’s written in Python and aims to be “visually pleasing, feature-rich, [and] mobile friendly.” It features a pleasant user interface, built on top of popular JavaScript libraries. For instance, it uses Code Mirror for syntax highlighting.

Demo of Modern Paste with code snippet

The Fedora team will soon integrate Modern Paste with the Fedora Accounts System (FAS). When that happens, contributors will be able to control their pastes, view old pastes, and delete them at will. They’ll also be able to attach small binary files like screenshots to pastes.

Best of all, the fpaste command line tool that comes with Fedora works without interruption. All Fedora users can continue to use fpaste to get help in community support forums.

We invite you to check out the new service. We also invite you to report issues to the Fedora Infrastructure team. You can find the team in the #fedora-apps channel on IRC Freenode.

The Fedora team would also like to thank the upstream project for their assistance and collaboration.

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  1. Martin Ueding

    It seems there is just “Clike” and not “C++” available. So for some C++ code, only a fraction of it is highlighted, really:


    Also there seems to be no option to set the expiry date.

    So there are two features that I directly miss compared to the Sticky Notes, which has both of them:


  2. Anyone

    The ssl certificate for the site is invalid.

  3. I am usually not excited by pastebin, but when I am it involves Python and Fedora. Nice work!

  4. How can I access old pastes? It looks like the old URLs don’t work and I don’t see any mention of possibility to access the old paste site.

    This is not good if it’s really not possible to use old URL’s and find old content. New paste site should have been deployed on new domain if it broke URLs.

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