The Overview search is one of the core ways of interacting with Fedora Workstation. If you have ever clicked “Activities” (or pressed the logo key) and searched for an application, you have used the Overview search. The Overview search in Fedora 27 — optimizes the space in the search results area, allowing more results to appear before having to scroll.

More results, more information

Previously, each search provider item showed a maximum of 3 results. With the new optimized layout, you get 5 items per search provider, and feedback on how many matches in total there were.

Previously, an icon was all that was given to denote a specific search provider. The icon remains, but a simple label naming the application providing the results is added.

Lock your screen from the overview

One of the other neat additions to the search is the ability to lock your screen from the overview. Simply search for lock screen, and a new item appears in the Applications listing. In addition to locking the screen, you can also log off and power off your system in the same manner.