GNOME Shell Overview improvements in Fedora 27 Workstation

The Overview search is one of the core ways of interacting with Fedora Workstation. If you have ever clicked “Activities” (or pressed the logo key) and searched for an application, you have used the Overview search. The Overview search in Fedora 27 — optimizes the space in the search results area, allowing more results to appear before having to scroll.

More results, more information

Previously, each search provider item showed a maximum of 3 results. With the new optimized layout, you get 5 items per search provider, and feedback on how many matches in total there were.

Previously, an icon was all that was given to denote a specific search provider. The icon remains, but a simple label naming the application providing the results is added.

Lock your screen from the overview

One of the other neat additions to the search is the ability to lock your screen from the overview. Simply search for lock screen, and a new item appears in the Applications listing. In addition to locking the screen, you can also log off and power off your system in the same manner.



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  1. Chris

    One thing I love and hate in GNOME 3 – are changes. It’s been few years with G3 but every new version bring changes, someting new and old. It’s constant shifting, you start to like something and it’s changed after few months. Of course – core is still the same, but features was changed many, many, many times. Every release brings new suprises…not always awaited. It’s not something stable on ideas level, they must always re-done something.

  2. Moritz Barsnick

    While searching for lock screen is kinda ridiculous if you have the “Windows” (what’s that called) key (+L), it’s cool not to have to touch the mouse to log off or power down. How about hibernate though? I don’t even know what that’s called officially (even on German Windows I have to guess), and I had to install a GNOME extension to have it in the menu. D’uh.

  3. That ‘s good, but I think it’ s better for GNOME to work to improve performance and make it light and fast

  4. Lynski

    Dude, What are you talking about with the Meta key? I am 62 years old and I have NEVER seen a meta key.

    • @Lynski: Sorry, this was a small error in the article — the author meant the logo key (often a Windows logo on standard PCs). You can also use Alt+F1 to get to the shell overview.

  5. dextre

    when I can install?
    please because F26 has problems with the wifi, the wifi connect and disconect all the time is unstable.

    • maybe you have to change the ethernet card driver
      and maybe you have to blacklist the actual driver

    • dextre

      After watching many tutorials i installed the broadcom driver

      but i dindt follow complete just install the broadcom is very extrange because in preview version i never had this problem but in F26 yes I hope in the next, dont get worst.

  6. moadeeb

    That ‘s good, and you should :
    1- work to improve performance Gnome3 and make it light and fast
    2- work to improve gnome-software

  7. moadeeb

    Gnome-software does not appear ( Shows ) all app in the repositories of Fedora and rpmfussion , you must Fix that problem

    • @moadeeb: Not all software is represented there. Some apps (like non-graphical) are not meant to be shown in Software. Also, there are numerous apps where the upstream does not provide the necessary metadata to appear. This is an upstream issue.

  8. Paweł

    You can also lock screen using shortcut: Super(Windows)+L.

  9. Michalis

    I will try for a second time to leave my comment….
    Hopefully the moderator will not find it rude or out of scope or I do not know what else could be the problem and reject it again!

    Searching from the overview or pressing the dash, could a useful feature.
    Going from three results to just five is… inefficient? You name it….!

  10. Kiren

    A pet peeve of mine, is that you have to hold the Alt key and click on the Power icon to suspend the system. Why not just an icon? Its really slow having to reach for your keyboard while having to find the power button by clicking on the top right.

    Suspension is something you want to do quickly with the least fuss. Closing the lid to suspend doesn’t work on my laptop, is this the same for others?

    That being said, Gnome is still my favourite desktop, many thanks to the Gnome team.

    • Mark Tinberg

      I find that bogus as well but there is an Extension for that which adds an explicit suspend icon onto the status menu next to the lock and power icons. GNOME 3 seems pretty flexible with the number of shell extensions to get specific behavior that different people want, if the default isn’t what you like and there isn’t already a baked-in setting in the Tweak Tool or dconf then there usually is a shell extension to do what you want, or you could buckle down and write your own.

  11. Leslie Satenstein

    Does Gnome have an undocumented (incorrect) key combination?

    On my system, the alt+# is the same as left super (known as windows key)+#.
    The super and alt are side-by-side.

    The alt+# is with the Canadian French layout. The alt+backtick alt+

    is the same as
    The alt+

    is a character in the APL provided fonts. It should be a dead-key.

    The # or ` are to the left of the [1] key and above the tab / backtab.

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