freeOTP — an open source solution for authentication soft tokens

freeOTP is a soft token authenticator that can be used for two-factor authentication, and is available as a free Android app or iOS app. Two-factor authentication — requiring a user to have “something you have”, as well as “something you know” i.e. a password —  is being supported on many more services these days. Popular ways to implement the second factor include a hardware token, a YubiKey, or a soft token application that is on your mobile phone (as freeOTP does).

FreeOTP can currently be used for services utilising the HTOP and TOTP one-time password protocols, and also supports adding a new soft token via scanning a QR code generated by the service you are setting up authentication for. You can also use freeOTP as an open source replacement for Google Authenticator when logging into Google services.



Fedora Project community


  1. I found freeOTP via the F-droid repository

    I am disinclined to use any ‘free’ google service

  2. If only FreeOTP would have some documentation…

  3. suy vannak

    did you know how to configure RDP with OTP in windows server 2012?

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