FESCo Election Results

The elections for FESCo – January 2015 have concluded, and the results
are shown below:

A total of 283 ballots were cast, meaning a candidate could accumulate
up to 1981 votes (283 * 7).

The results for the elections are as follows:

# votes |  name
– ——–+———————-
1427  | Kevin Fenzi
1247  | Adam Jackson
919  | Tomas Hozza
818  | Parag Nemade
617  | Debarshi Ray
– ——–+———————-
540  | Alberto Ruiz
441  | David King

Number of voters         283
Number of votes         1204
Maximum of votes         1981

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and thank you to all the candidates for running this election!

Fedora Project community


  1. Mike Simms

    Only 283 voters? That is surprising. I’d have thought more people would be bothered.

    I voted before the deadline yesterday after reading all the informative interview responses. Well done guys and thank you to all the candidates for your continued contributions to Fedora Project.

    • This is actually relatively high, historically. Usually there are about 200 voters in FESCo elections, give or take 50. (In summer 2009 there were 308; I think that’s both an all-time high and an aberration because the preceding and following elections were 169 and and 216, respectively.)

      • Mike Simms

        Oh really. thanks for the background info. I’m relatively new to Fedora so thought there would have been more.

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