Fedora Workstation Working Group

The initial Fedora Workstation Working Group has been formed and
ratified by FESCo as of yesterday.  FESCo has appointed me as the
coordinator and I am pleased to announce the following people as
members of the initial voting group:

Owen Taylor: He will be able to discuss upstream Gnome plans and adds
a lot of knowledge on desktop interactions.

Kalev Lember: He will be able to provide community focused input and
feedback into what is needed for a successful workstation product.

Christoph Wickert: Long time Fedora member, will bring experience from
both XFCE and LXDE desktop environments. Can help with
inter-operability aspects between DEs, etc.

Lukáš Tinkl: Long time core KDE developer. Will be able to provide
feedback and insight into that DE as well as what that class of user
looks for in a workstation.

Jens Petersen: Will add i8n and developer experience to the team,
helping the workstation product in those areas.

Ryan Lerch: Fedora Design representative. Will help with UI and design

Matthias Clasen: GNOME desktop team lead. Lots of experience with
Fedora and GNOME in a variety of aspects.

Christian Schaller: Desktop manager and Fedora packager. Brings a good
knowledge of workstation products.

Josh Boyer: Coordinator.

While the above people are the initial voting members, I want to
strongly stress that we are looking for participation from anyone
wishing to produce a high quality Workstation product.  This is
especially true if you are a member of another group that will be
impacted, such as QA, rel-eng, etc.


We are still working out details on our meeting times and IRC
channels.  For the time being, we will be using the
desktop@lists.fedoraproject.org for our mailing list.  Once we get
further details worked out, we’ll announce them here and on that list.

Fedora Project community

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  1. Hunkah

    Does this group include home users that use their computer for homework, games, movies, youtube, facebook, minecraft, researching genealogy?

    If it doesn’t, why is there not a group focused on these users?

    I’ve always felt that the Devs have overlooked this group. What you don’t seem to realize is home user adoption is the children that use it in their home and eventually those users grow up, become devs and CEOs and people of influence… those children will use what they’re loyal to. Right now, Ubuntu controls this area and you’re missing out!

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