Fedora_infinityThe Fedora Infrastructure team is pleased to announce that keys.fedoraproject.org is now up and running as a GPG keyserver. We are also part of the sks-keyservers.net pool, which means that some people using pool.sks.key-servers.net will be directed to our server.

We have a very nice web interface, which was designed by Maria ‘Tatica’ Leandro Lombardo. This will also in some ways work to promote Fedora, since some users using the pool will be directed to our server, which prominently features the Fedora logo and branding.

This server may be accessed in the following ways:

Web interface at http://keys.fedoraproject.org or https://keys.fedoraproject.org

HKP (keyserver protocol) by doing “gpg –keyserver keys.fedoraproject.org –recv-keys 0x110810e9” (just an example)

You could also put in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf: keyserver hkp://keys.fedoraproject.org