Fedora 25 supplemental wallpapers

Each release, the Fedora Design team works with the community on a set of 16 additional wallpapers. Users can install and use these to supplement the standard wallpaper. The Fedora Design team encourages submissions from the whole community. Contributors then use the Nuancier app to vote on the top 16 to include.

Voting has closed on the extra wallpapers for Fedora 25. Voters chose from among 113 submissions. A total of 262 Fedora contributors voted. They chose the following 16 backgrounds to include in Fedora 25:

We congratulate all the winners. And we look forward to many high-quality submissions for Fedora 26!

Fedora Project community


  1. P@nk

    Is that a additional package we can add ?
    If yes, which name this package got ?

    By the way, they are cute 🙂

    • when the package is ready and uploaded to the repository it will be called f25-backgrounds-extras

    • Jens Petersen

      Look for f25-backgrounds-extras*.
      Eg for gnome you can install f25-backgrounds-extras-gnome, etc.

  2. Ilya

    i am very like CherryBlossom by aikidouke

  3. Very beautiful collection

  4. antikythera

    Milky Way over the Mangart by Ales Krivec would have made a great default desktop image

    • The rest of wallpapers, that didn’t make it to the collection, are available in Nuancier. You can see and download them from there.

      • antikythera

        Indeed Sylvia, I highly recommend if people haven’t already checked Nuancier Results pages out they do so. You don’t need to log in to browse or download anything from that section.

        There’s a great archive of all submissions going back to Heisenbug (F20) with some very nice images that didn’t make the cut.

        It’s all down to personal taste as always, I have my own collection of ‘extras’ formed from this more extensive archive.

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