Fedora 25 available in DigitalOcean

Last week the Fedora Project released Fedora 25. This week Fedora Project community members have worked with the DigitalOcean team to make Fedora 25 available on their platform. If you’re not familiar with DigitalOcean already, it’s a dead simple cloud hosting platform that’s great for developers.

Important notes

The image has some specific differences from others that Fedora ships. You may need to know about these differences before you use the image.

  • Usually Fedora Cloud images have you log in as user fedora. But as with other DigitalOcean images, log into the Fedora 25 DigitalOcean cloud image with your ssh key as root.
  • Similar to our last few Fedora releases, Fedora 25 also has SELinux enabled by default. Not familiar with SELinux yet? No problem. Read more about it here.
  • In these images there’s no firewall on by default. There’s also no cloud provided firewall solution. We recommend that you secure your system immediately after you log in.
  • Fedora 25 should be available in all datacenters across the globe.
  • If you have a problem you think is Fedora specific, email us at , or ping us in #fedora-cloud on Freenode. You can also let the team know if you just want to say you’re enjoying using the F25 image.

Visit the DigitalOcean Fedora landing page and spin one up today!


Digital Ocean provides Fedora Cloud Base, a minimal image with cloud-init for configuration. To convert to the “batteries-included” Fedora Server edition, run:

sudo dnf -y install convert-to-edition
sudo convert-to-edition -p -e server

Among other changes, this will install and enable firewalld.

Fedora Project community


  1. But .. but .. it is still not available in AWS.

    Please make it available in AWS.

    RHEL and CentOS are available in AWS Marketplace.
    Please get fedora too.

  2. Ross Lopata

    Any idea if running the dnf system-upgrade command on my F24 droplet as seen in this post https://fedoramag.wpengine.com/upgrading-fedora-24-fedora-25/

    As I recall I was able to upgrade my F23 droplet to F24 using this method. I snapshoted my droplet and tried the upgrade and was met with a kernel panic last night.

    • Hey Ross,

      I’m not sure about this. Can you open a bug and add any relevant information to it so we can investigate?

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