Shortly after the Fedora 24 release, you can upgrade to the newest Fedora Workstation using the built-in Software app (gnome-software).

The Software app has always provided the ability to process updates. But to upgrade to the latest Fedora — for example, Fedora 22 to 23 — you had to use the command line. But that’s about to change for users running a fully-updated Fedora 23 system. The Software app on Fedora 23 will soon let you upgrade your whole system to Fedora 24 without the command line.


A few days after Fedora 24 is released, you’ll be able to update your Software app itself. That update includes this new system upgrade capability.  You can, of course, update Software from within the Software app itself in Fedora 23. Be aware that it takes some time for updates to make their way to local download sites. Once you receive this update, the capability will be available after the next restart.

The Software app will notify you there’s a new upgrade available of Fedora. The Updates tab in the app provides you with the option to download and install that version. You can keep working while you download the content, and then install when ready.

Of course, if you run an alternative desktop, or your Fedora system does not have a desktop environment, you can still update using dnf system-upgrade at the command line to get the latest, greatest Fedora.