The Fedora ARM Team is pleased to announce the release of Fedora 21 for AArch64, ready to run on your next generation servers. Fedora 21 is a game-changer for the Fedora Project, and we think you’re going to be very pleased with the results. The Fedora 21 AArch64 release includes a bootable DVD, net installation media, and an installation tree.

Highlights in the Fedora 21 AArch64 Release

Fedora 21 Server

The Fedora Server flavor is a common base platform that is meant to run featured application stacks, which are produced, tested, and distributed by the Server Working Group. Want to use Fedora as a Web server, file server, database server, or platform for an Infrastructure-as-a-Service? Fedora 21 Server is for you.

Supported Hardware

Applied Micro X-Gene (Mustang)
Advanced Micro Devices Opteron A1100 (Seattle)

All systems boot with UEFI via grub2, and Device Tree by default.  Optional ACPI device enumeration is also available.

Software Emulation using QEMU is also being developed in Rawhide (see

Installation Documentation & AArch64 Specific Bugs

Read the full release notes including installation documentation, architecture specific bugs and known issues :

Fedora 21 Common Bugs

This page documents common bugs in Fedora 21 and, if available, fixes or workarounds for these problems. If you find your problem in this page, please do not file a bug for it, unless otherwise instructed. Where appropriate, a reference to the current bug(s) in Bugzilla is included.

Getting Involved with Fedora ARM & AArch64

Please join us on the IRC in #fedora-arm channel on Freenode or on our mailing list ( There are many ways to contribute and all efforts are appreciated!