Instead of trying to come up with a clever play on “Atomic” for the headline and lede here, let’s just go with the facts. The facts: The Cloud Working Group is doing a test day for Fedora 21 Atomic on Thursday, November 20th. We think thinks are coming along nicely, but – hey – we need your help to put Fedora 21 Atomic through its paces.

More facts: We’re going to be in the #atomic channel on Freenode all day (give or take) and (as always) will be looking for questions to the mailing list. Dusty Mabe has some great test steps for Project Atomic and we’ll be adding more before Thursday.

You can find the latest qcow2 image on Koji. Want to get a jump on things? We don’t mind! If Thursday doesn’t work for you, jump right on it and shoot us your results. Run your favorite Docker images, try out Kubernetes, give Cockpit a workout – the whole kit and caboodle.

Other questions about Fedora 21 Atomic or cloud? Find us in the #atomic and/or #fedora-cloud channels on Freenode, or hit us up at