Coming soon: Fedora for Apple Silicon Macs!

Fedora Asahi Remix

Today at Flock, we announced that Fedora Linux will soon be available on Apple Silicon Macs. Developed in close collaboration with the Fedora Asahi SIG and the Asahi Linux project, the Fedora Asahi Remix will provide a polished experience for Workstation and Server usecases on Apple Silicon systems. The Asahi Linux project has also announced that the new Asahi Linux flagship distribution will be Fedora Asahi Remix.

We are using a Remix as opposed to delivering this support in Fedora Linux proper because this ecosystem is still very fast moving and we believe a Remix will offer the best user experience for the time being. Also, the Remix will allow us to integrate hardware support as it becomes available. Nonetheless, as much of this work as possible is being conducted upstream, with several key components being developed, maintained and packaged in Fedora Linux upstream. Ultimately, we expect Apple Silicon support to be integrated in Fedora Workstation and Fedora Server in a future release, and are working towards this goal. This approach is in line with the overarching goal of the Asahi project itself to integrate support for these systems in the relevant upstream projects.

The first official release of Fedora Asahi Remix is slated to be available by the end of August 2023. Development builds are already available for testing at, though they should be considered unsupported and likely to break until the official release.

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  1. jose

    Fedora for a Macbook would be like put bicycle tires on a ferrari or stickers on a BMW hahaha

    • Phil

      I actually look forward to Fedora on my M2.

      • David Frantz

        This should be interesting on my M1. What I really look forward to is M3 when it comes out and strong support for Neural Engine. Neural Engien is a big part of why Apple Silicon is compelling.

      • PerformanceOnly

        I highly recommend taking a marketing class to defend yourself.

    • Wade

      This comment will age poorly. hahhahhaha

    • Kita

      More like make that Ferrari easily tweakable and repairable and get the seat warming without subscription

    • To say that means you don’t know anything of linux

    • Gavin

      Like installing a Motec engine management system on a Ferrari.

    • hewlett

      Linus Torvalds uses Fedora on an M1 mac, it’s not dumb or unusual

      • grim

        Linus Torvalds might put ketchup in his macaroni and cheese too. Does that mean its good, or everyone will like it?

        • hewlett

          what’s wrong with it? an M1 macbook is currently the best ARM laptop you can get

    • Joe


    • juaquin

      OSX on any machine capable of running fedora is like an overwhelming handicap whe you want to get work done

    • Aldo

      What are you talking about? Mac OS has stagnated for years to the point GNOME now feels polished and more intuitive.

    • I’d rather say that it’s like putting a Ferrari race engine on a Rolls Royce! Mac is comfortable, full of optionals, but when it comes to performance, Linux kernel beats BSD kernel 10 to 1.
      On Mac you may set a thread name only within the thread itself, you cannot pin a process to a specific core, you have a limited choice of scheduling policies, etc, etc.. Quiet, comfortable and lacking of top performance features.

    • Leo

      You know nothing Jon Snow… This movement will give your computer much more useful life than the 5 years of support offered by Apple…

  2. jr

    Great news! No one finaly can reuse mac hardware.

  3. Emanuele

    Great news! Just installed the experimental version and it works really well. Keep going in this direction, you have my support

  4. Martin

    Like manna from heaven

  5. scott

    Giving it a whirl !!!!

    • Jab

      I am curious about batery life comparing ro OS X. Os it quite the same?

  6. Vamsi

    I have installed it and looks promising.

  7. In case some are wondering why some comments are being let through by the moderators while others are not, the “rule” is roughly that (mildly) negative comments about the technology are allowed (sometimes these can be insightful and informative in various ways), but anything that might be seen as condescending toward a person or group will be discarded (and that is a judgement call by the moderator so it may not be perfect).

  8. meincranbourne

    Having tried Asahi Linux project on my M1 Mack Book Pro it certainly makes you realise how slow MacOS is, However KDE Plasma isn’t my personal choice of desktop I hope they make GNOME an option.

    • I haven’t tried Asahi Linux, but I’m surprised you cannot run dnf group install “GNOME Desktop Environment” (or whatever desktop env you may want)?

      Edit: Note that the quotation marks are mangled by this website in the above text. So copy-and-paste of the above won’t work unless you delete the quotes and replace them with normal ones.

    • We’ll have four variants – KDE, GNOME, Server and Minimal. KDE and GNOME match the setup that Fedora Workstation offers, meaning a polished desktop experience with a meaningful set of default packages installed. Fedora Server is designed for servers and other unattended systems without a GUI (though one can be installed if wanted). Minimal is the bare minimum set of packages for a working system and is meant for folks that want to fully customize their install.

  9. Meincranbourne

    Yeah, me too. I did try and it was either user goof up or just alpha software. It is faster on the machine that MacOS

  10. Chuck

    I have a M2 mac and the notebook told me the system is “dirty”. How is linux on mac past security not use mac software ? I
    put my wacom on the new M2 and it is “dirty”, I had to clean out the wacom and get the wacom software from apple.

  11. Asa

    This is super exiting news!
    I Love fedora and there are some things about the latest MacBooks that I really love hardware wise (like the in-keyboard touchscreen strip on the pro) but there is no way I will touch OSX so seeing Fedora coming to apple M2 (also an outstanding hardware achievement on apples part) is great!
    I currently own the “anti-apple” (at least that my name for it) A StarBook Pro from star labs systems with a 16 core intel I7 12’th gen but I may just try a macbook pro some day when this one grows aged now!
    Good work! Keep it up!

  12. Asa

    Welcome to the bleeding edge Apple!

  13. Pavel

    I’m actually posting this comment on an old MacBook running Fedora 38. Apple won’t provide updates to that system anymore, whereas Fedora has no trouble supporting it. The same is likely to happen to the early Apple silicon systems 10 years from now.

  14. Scott

    Using it right now, besides no sound from the internal speakers its great. biggest problem i see is that Apple still controls the boot process, we sure need an open compute platform free from Apple control.

  15. jab

    Hello, and what about batery life?

  16. le-s

    I used OSX for a while at work coming from OS base on linux, and it is a handicap, so for those owning macbooks and used to use OSs based on the linux kernel, their productivity will certainly increase

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