Call for applications for Fedora Diversity Adviser (A Volunteer Position)

Fedora is a big community that includes contributors and users from many different countries, each with their own experiences and historical backgrounds that contribute to a diverse mix of cultural, educational, and behavioral norms. To continuously create and foster an inclusive environment in the Fedora community, it’s important to respond to the needs of existing contributors and users, and welcome new contributors and users from diverse backgrounds.

The Fedora Diversity Adviser Search team for the Fedora Council is looking for a Fedora Diversity Adviser (a volunteer position) to act as a source of support and information for all contributors and users, especially those from underrepresented populations, so that issues of inclusion and equity can be discussed and addressed with the planning of multiculturalism and comfort.

Primary responsibilities

  • Implement diversity efforts that will have a big effect on the Fedora community
  • Promote inclusion in the Fedora community
  • Act as a source of support and a mediator should there be any
    concerns or incidents
  • Serve on the Fedora Council, our top-level governance and leadership body

To achieve the above you will work with Fedora community members to identify which of the following and other strategies would be most effective and feasible, and help implement them:

  • Increasing visibility of minority contributors and users through
    talks, feature articles, and awards
  • Making explicit invitations and providing financial support to
    attend conferences and give talks
  • Helping develop skills by offering targeted workshops and internships
  • Creating a welcoming environment by adopting and enforcing codes of
  • Fostering communication, networking, and support forums with mailing
    lists and in-person events

Required skills

  • Knowledge of and experience in working with historically
    underrepresented groups
  • Excellent written communications skills, demonstrated through blog
    posts or other written work
  • Understanding of and experience in open source communities
  • Ability to communicate at a moderate technical level about open
    source projects
  • Experience in similar roles in your past is a significant advantage
  • Experience writing grants is a plus.

To apply for the position, please answer the following questions and send your responses and a CV (or link to your online profile) to

  • Why do you believe diversity and inclusion are important for Fedora?
  • Why do you want to serve as Fedora’s Diversity & Inclusion Adviser?
  • What specific minority group(s) or issues can you offer insight about?
  • What perspectives, experiences, or knowledge about diversity and inclusion
    could you share with the Fedora community?
  • Do you have experience working across various cultures? (Cross cultural
    refers to various geographies, cultural groups, etc.)
  • To give us further insight, feel free to provide names and contact
    information for up to three people who can speak to your passion,  interest
    or experience with diversity and inclusion.

NOTE: Last date of submission of application is July 31, 2015. Also, this is a volunteer position and NOT a paid position.

Looking forward to a great participation.

Fedora Project community

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