Attend a Fedora Women Day 2017 event

Fedora Women Day (FWD) is a worldwide series of events initiated by the Fedora Diversity Team. The events are dedicated to female contributors of the Fedora Project. During this day of celebration, local communities gather to present the accomplishments of women in the Fedora Project and thank them. FWD is also a great chance to promote the participation of more women and raise awareness about the gender gap in tech communities. Furthermore, FWD and events like it show the importance of diversity in open source projects such as Fedora.

The Diversity Team encourages people from underrepresented social groups to get involved in the community. They welcome everyone to participate, and promote respect and tolerance as the greatest principles within the Fedora community. The Diversity Team strives to make people feel accepted and more confident about their skills.

This year, the team organized FWD during September. Since it’s difficult to determine a specific date for an event like this, local communities pick an appropriate date around September. They also document this event on the FWD Wiki page.

In total, the community planned ten events in eleven different cities and regions around the world:

Fedora Women Day in Bangalore, Guwahati, Tirana, Mangua, Cusco, Puno and Pune have already brought together contributors to present to wide audiences, and deliver the message that women are valued communities like ours. If you live in any of the cities listed above, consider attending Fedora Women Day this year. This event is dedicated to women contributors, but everyone is welcome!

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  1. Wow 2 cities from India, both Bangalore and Pune are well known IT hubs.
    Wish there was more wide spread participation of Fedora in the so called financial capital called Mumbai city.

  2. Hello,

    can you please indicate what other diversity days the Fedora project is organising?

    Best regards,

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