Announcing the Fedora Developer Portal

As of today, the Fedora Project is proud to announce the new Fedora Developer Portal. The Developer Portal supports developers working on software projects with Fedora as their primary operating system or inside a virtual machine. It helps them install essential development tools, language runtimes, and databases. It also introduces distribution and deployment options using COPR and OpenShift.


What is it?

This project started based on prior discussions about why Fedora needs a place for developers. You can also read how we started the project, and what our first development version looked like. Together, multiple collaborators made a proof of concept announcement on the Environment and Stacks mailing list this past summer.developerportal

The Developer Hub features three main sections that walk developers through several processes:

  • Getting useful tooling
  • Details of packages of language runtimes and databases
  • Distribution options that are relevant to Fedora

For example, you can find out how to install and use Vagrant with libvirt, or how to get started with Java development. Maybe you want to know how to switch between CRuby and JRuby. Or perhaps you want to learn what graphical database management tools are packaged in Fedora.

The portal is built using Jekyll and deployed as a complete static site. The links on the title page refresh with a separate script that currently pulls from Fedora Planet. The site also provides search implemented by JavaScript using a pre-generated index in order to keep the site static. The project is hosted on GitHub and contributions are welcome! You can contribute in various ways from submitting new content to helping writing new tests.

Visit the Portal today

Are you a developer running Fedora, or a curious developer using another platform? We highly encourage you to visit the new Developer Portal at to power up your toolbox. Feedback and comments are welcome. We appreciate hearing anything you have to say on the Environment and Stacks mailing list.

Big thanks go to all the contributors who helped make this happen. Thanks to Petr and Adam for assisting in building the project from the ground up, and thanks to Máirín Duffy for the design.

Image Credit: Cover image uses icons from the Tools set by Jetro Cabau Quirós on the Noun Project. CC-BY-3.0

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  1. Rob Colbert

    Every last one of you are awesome. Fedora awesome for building this and finally giving us anything better than Stack Overflow. The rest of you are even awesomer for using Fedora as your developement platform.

    I was shunned at Sony for using Fedora Core and MySQL back in 2003 because they are afraid of progress. You arent.

    Keep doing you!! You’re not wrong 🙂

  2. Andrew

    Great idea and nicely done!

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