Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to keep up with everything that goes on. This series highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week. It isn’t comprehensive news coverage — just quick summaries with links to each. Here are the five things for November 6th, 2015:

Fedora 23 release

I hope no one missed it, but just in case, this week’s big news is the Fedora 23 official release. If you haven’t yet, get it now or upgrade your existing Fedora systems.

Check out the new Fedora Developer Portal

On Monday, the Fedora Developer Portal was released to the public. This is for developers using Fedora, not about developing Fedora itself. It’s a central hub for numerous resources to help both new and current developers set up their workspaces for new projects. Interested? Read more in the announcement post — and please share with your software developer friends!

Outreachy and other internships

Also on Monday, the Fedora Outreachy internship application period officially ended. Fedora is seeking to fill two positions in the Project, one to assist on development of the upcoming Fedora Hubs web application and another to assist with community operations. Selection decisions will be posted on November 17th. Best of luck to all of our applicants.

But that’s not all! I missed this last week, but on his blog, Fedora Engineering Manager Paul Frields also announced Red Hat’s Fedora Summer 2016 Internships. There are three US-based positions for software engineering, user experience and design, and web development. The UX internship needs to be in Westford, MA, but Paul says exceptional candidates with experience working remotely in an open source project can be considered for the other two.

(Note that these are completely separate from Outreachy, which we’re also hoping to repeat.)

Globalization and translation

Two different things to report here. First, Fedora’s new Globalization team held a Fedora Activity Day to kickstart the combined group’s effort. It looks to have been a big success — Jens Petersen has updates on his G+ page — one, two, three, concluding “We have a lot plans and action items now for Fedora 24.” If you’re interested in getting involved, the


channel on Freenode is a good place to start.

(By the way, Globalization is often written as G11N, because there’s 11 letters between the G and the N, which is, for whatever reason, a common convetion in this area. Compare I18N for Internationalization and L10N for Localization.)

At the same time, long-time Fedora contributor Sirko Kemter (a.k.a. gnokii on IRC) helped organize a “sprint” to get Fedora translated into the Cambodian Khmer language — starting from nothing with the ambitious goal of 100% coverage by Fedora 24. Or, has Sirko put it, From Zero to Hero.

FOSDEM Distro Devroom Call for Papers

FOSDEM is a gigantic free and open source software developer’s conference held annually in Brussels, Belgium at the end of January / beginning of February. There will be a Fedora presence, of course — I’m planning on going, on my way to DevConf.cz in the Czech republic the next weekend.

In addition to the main tracks, FOSDEM is notable for having “devrooms”, which are semi-independent mini-conferences on specific topics. The call for papers for the “Distro devroom” just went out, with submissions due by December 10th. It’d great to have Fedora-related talks in that room, or in any of the other accepted devrooms. (In general at conferences, let’s talk about awesome stuff you can do with or on Fedora, rather than just about Fedora itself — that last is what Flock is for.)

And, speaking of conferences, next week I’ll be at LISA15 in Washingto, D.C., hanging out at the Fedora booth and showing off on Fedora Server and Fedora Atomic Host. If you’re in the area, stop by, or if you want to help, let me know — we have a few booth passes left and available to contributors. Also, don’t miss the best talk abstract and speaker bio, ever.

Thanks to Justin Flory for helping me pull together 5tFTW this week! Because of LISA, I’ll probably skip 5tFTW next week, so see you back here the one after that.