LinuxCon, Fedora Governance/Leadership, Design FAD, F21 Alpha Freeze, and Fedora in Linux Pro Magazine (5tFTW, 2014-08-19)


Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to follow it all. This series highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week. It isn’t comprehensive news coverage — just quick summaries with links to each. Here are the five things for August 19th, 2014 (actually posted on the 22nd, because sometimes life is like that):


You may have noticed that this nominally-Tuesday update is actually appearing on Friday. That’s because I’m at LinuxCon North America in Chicago, and I kept thinking “I’ll have a few minutes to work on that…” and it turns out, nope.

In any case, a lot of cool stuff going on here, and a lot of Fedora positivity. My talk on was well-attended and (I think!) well-received, with a lot of good questions and feedback. There were also some great related sessions, including Joe Brockmeier’s talk about Project Atomic (with a Fedora-based live demo), and in general a lot of Fedora users all around.

Fedora Governance and Leadership Structure

I mentioned last week that there was a session on the future of Fedora governance and leadership at our big Flock conference. As noted last week, Flock is great for high-bandwidth discussion but not the right place to actually make decisions, because we can’t possibly get all of the community in one place (as much as I’d like to!). So, now, there’s an important followup discussion on the board-discuss list. This affects us all, so your participation is important.

Fedora “” Activity Day

The Fedora Design Team is organizing a Fedora Activity Day (which we casually call a “FAD”) for January 2015. See the FAD DesignTeam 2014 wiki page and mailing list thread for details. It will be held at the Red Hat headquarters near Boston, Massachusetts, and as as with all Premier Fedora Events some travel funding may be available as needed. The Design Team is an awesome, friendly group with an easy join process, and if you’d like to get involved and help design the visual and user experience future of the Fedora, now’s a great time.

Fedora 21 Alpha Freeze: Any minute now!

Fedora Release Engineering is still working out some kinks in the process, and dealing with a mass rebuild required by a glibc compatibility break, but we expect to have that settled really soon now. That means that we’ll go into Alpha Freeze as soon as a test compose is available. (You may see people referring to a “TC” — that’s what we’re talking about.) All of this will be announced to the devel-announce mailing list, (which you should be subscribed to if you’re interested in following this sort of thing, even if you’re not a Fedora developer).

Fedora in Linux Pro Magazine

Last week, we noted the Free from XP special edition from Linux New Media, featuring Fedora. Fedora also features in Linux Pro Magazine’s Issue #166, with articles on the Cinnamon and Mate desktops environments, and the Fedora Robotics Suite included on the DVD. You can order this online now, or pick it up at a local store soon.

Vacation Next Week

I’ll be on vacation next week (and largely offline — time for a break after a month of travel and conferences!). Since this “Tuesday” update is running at the end of the week anyway, I think we’ll just have a 5tFTW hiatus, and I’ll update on all of the things in early September.


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  1. Craig

    I was at LinuxCon but I missed out on your talk. Any chance you have video footage or slides available?

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