SE18_US_shop_image Linux New Media has published a special edition magazine called Free From XP, which features a DVD with Fedora 20 Desktop Edition and the LXDE Spin, and includes articles from Fedora contributors about getting started with our favorite distro.

This issue is intended for people who are transitioning off of Windows XP, offering them Linux as an alternative. Although you might not need this issue, you probably have a few friends and relatives who would find it useful. The magazine includes how-to articles on:

  • installing Fedora 20 and connecting to the Internet
  • navigating the user interface
  • finding and installing additional software
  • playing and streaming music and videos
  • LXDE for older, less-powerful hardware
  • SE18_TOCLibreOffice
  • Firefox
  • Evolution email
  • Shotwell
  • GIMP
  • gaming with WINE, game engines and platforms, and retro gaming
  • troubleshooting
  • security
  • partitioning disks

The issue is already available on news stands in Europe and the UK, and it starts shipping in the US in late-August. Pre-orders are available now on the Linux New Media website.

You can also order the digital edition now, which obviously won’t include the Fedora 20 DVD.