3 Fedora videos from DevConf.cz 2018

The recent DevConf.cz¬†conference in Brno, Czechia is a great example of an event by and for developers and open source community members. Hundreds of speakers showed off countless technologies and features advancing the state of open source in Linux and far beyond. Here’s a taste of the conference in the form of three videos concerning Fedora that were part of the schedule.

Fearless upgrades with Atomic Workstation

Jonathan Lebon shows off the Fedora Atomic Workstation. This variant of Fedora Workstation offers a full desktop working environment which can easily host Flatpaks and containers. Because it’s based on rpm-ostree, it offers painless upgrades and rollbacks. Check out Jonathan’s talk here:

Fedora panel discussion

In attendance at DevConf.cz 2018 were Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller and many other community leaders. Miller provided a look at statistics on distribution, project, and community growth, as well as commentary and analysis. Since this was a panel discussion, it’s a fairly freewheeling session in which the audience participated as well. View the panel session here:

Fedora Workstation, year 3

Christian Schaller is a long-time free software contributor as well as a manager of Red Hat’s desktop engineering teams. In this presentation he covers both the past year’s successes in the Workstation as well as future challenges. He also talks about some of the latest technologies underway for the desktop such as Fleet Commander and Pipewire. Watch the whole session here:

Other DevConf.cz videos

You can check out all the videos from DevConf.cz 2018 at the official YouTube channel.

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