What’s New in Fedora 29 Workstation

Fedora 29 Workstation is the latest release of our free, leading-edge operating system. You can download it from the official website here right now. There are several new and noteworthy changes in Fedora Workstation. Read more details below.

GNOME 3.30

Fedora 29 features GNOME 3.30 as the default desktop environment. GNOME 3.30 includes a number of enhancements to the core applications, including performance improvements in GJS (this should improve GNOME Shell as well as other GJS-based applications).

For more information about all the new features and enhancements see GNOME 3.30’s release announcement and release notes.

Automatic updates

GNOME Software now supports automatic updates for Flatpak in Fedora 29. Flatpak is a next-generation technology for building and distributing desktop applications on Linux. It makes it easy for software makers to support multiple distributions with one format.

Remote Desktop

GNOME Boxes now supports connecting to remote Windows machines using RDP. You can attach to Windows systems from the comfort and security of your Fedora Workstation, with the same easy interface as your virtual machines.

Lower memory usage

Some improvements have been made to the memory usage of GNOME. This helps it run better on reduced memory devices, such as the Raspberry Pi and other ARM SBCs (Single Board Computers), courtesy of contributors at the GNOME performance hackfest.


You can also try Fedora Silverblue — it’s all the features of Workstation but combined with the rpm-ostree features of Fedora Atomic. Worry-free upgrades (with backouts) are just one of the benefits of this technology. Look for Silverblue to become even more exciting and central in future Fedora releases.

…And more!

There’s even more to love about Fedora 29 Workstation. Install or take it from a test drive here.

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  1. Mark G0USL

    Exciting times! 29 is installed on the laptop, Tomorrow I will start my setup from the laptop to remote control my amateur radio equipment AND upgrade my comms pc to Fed29 on a brand new ssd bought specifically for the job PLUS install Fed29 on my standalone machine. Busy busy!! Thanks to all involved

  2. Thank you Fedora Team !!!

    As always great release. Started with release candidate on my travel laptop and today morning upgraded my primary laptop and desktop. Upgrade using dnf was as always very smooth.

    Any idea if gnome podcast app will be packaged as rpm ?

  3. maimela

    busy setting up for a fresh install of Fedora 29, downloaded the ISO about to do the switch

  4. C.Groove

    Thanks for this fantastic system, i am impressed. I hope you will continue to provide to the dnf/rpm based environement, it works fantastic.

    I hope F30 and later version will still offer a fully rpm based packages. I will not support the flatpack desktop app shipment.

  5. Enirco

    Thanks a lot for your works.
    I love Linux and yours is the best distro.

    • @Enrico: I’m just one person who helps a little bit each day on the Magazine. But on behalf of the whole Fedora team and community, thanks for this (and everyone above who expressed gratitude and happiness at the release). We all care that you appreciate what the community puts out there for you for free every day. It means a lot. Thanks back to you for using Fedora!

  6. Yay! Love Fedora Linux and Red Hat Linux before they turned into business only company. I’ll set it up on my MacBook Pro 9.1 (Mid-2011), hopefully it’ll work. For some reason my MacBook 9.1 (Mid-2011) refused to accept WorkStation but the Fedora Spans. Ah, well, I am gonna to use Fedora LXDE with my laptop! 🙂

    • @Robert: Yes, Red Hat is a business — but remember that open source is the foundation of that business. That’s why they underwrite Fedora. 😉

  7. D

    I did a F27->F28->F29 upgrade on my laptop today without having a single problem.

  8. Zahedul Hossain

    Looks like most things new are for Gnome users. I love and use the Fedora KDE spin and could not find flatpak support in the system. Are we out of luck ?

  9. Ritchie Babaylan

    Thank you, completed the upgrade from Fedora 28 to Fedora 29.

  10. Dimitrios

    Thanks Fedora great work!
    For me best OS ever. Fedora everywhere, on home PC at work .
    Keep going 😉

  11. Muthukumar

    Thank you fedora team for giving the world one of the best error free linux.

  12. Rado Henintsoa

    Yes ! Thank you, upgrade done from 28 to 29.

  13. oreak

    The best linux distro , not just one of the best

  14. Any news about KDE Spin? I upgraded but no changes so far, everything remains the same version as in F28. Not even the kernel is changed. I’m fairly disappointed.

  15. Petr Nechaev

    Love Fedora for stability, easy package system and quick updates!

    It’s very important to keep the system stable and well-tested in the coming world of static linkage and bundles/Flatpacks.

  16. Dmitry Teplyakov

    I was stay on 28 because on 29 I have animation stuttering everywhere.

  17. Thanks, Fedora Team. Best Distro Ever

  18. Alex Alonso

    Upgrading. Best distro ever!

  19. Roy Carrasco

    Thanks to all Fedora team. You’ve made a great job!

  20. Saravanan

    How do I install steam and nvidia driver in fedora 29?

  21. Well thanks to the Designer team QA team, Developer and everyone who made this happen.

  22. Vikas

    Thanks for a seamless update, even for novices like me

  23. John Penniston

    I am currently trying out the Silverblue 29 using the Flathub from https://flatpak.org/setup/fedora. Glad to see they solved the memory leak. I have struggle with the upgrades form F18 to F27. F27 failed to boot after upgrade. This new gnome 3.30 is very responsive software is easy with Flathub.

  24. Hossein Amin

    What’s up with “Automatic updates”?

    How will someone find out if some program has it?

    I don’t like this feature. I may need to consider moving to another distro.

    And what happened to review code and compile. How can one trust the binaries?

    • What’s up with “Automatic updates”?

      How will someone find out if some program has it?

      This is a feature of GNOME Software that will automatically update installed Flatpak apps and runtimes.

      I don’t like this feature. I may need to consider moving to another distro.

      This is not a unique Fedora feature. This is part of GNOME Software 3.30. Other distributions that ship GNOME 3.30 will also have this feature.

      And what happened to review code and compile. How can one trust the binaries?

      You’re not required to use the automatic update feature. It’s a convenient option for users who do use Flatpak repositories and Flatpak applications. If you feel like you really need to audit the source code of all software that you install, you’re very welcome to do that. This feature simply offers users who are comfortable putting their trust in the software packager and/or developer an option to update their software automatically. I applaud your effort to audit the source code of the software you use. We all benefit from that level of diligence and scrutiny.

  25. Leguis

    Thanks to the Fedora team, for every effort you guys do to keep up with the project!!!!
    I have been using fedora since 2008, and I no longer feel happy in any other environment, not to mention that now I dislike to be in others OS!
    Congrats!!!, for the job done!!

  26. Thanks a lot!!!

  27. Varoon

    wsl? please …Fedora is my distro of choice. I use my Windows machine as primary for now

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