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Good news, everybody! I’m pleased to announce that we have completed our search for a new Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator, and he’ll be joining the Open Source and Standards (OSAS) team to work with Fedora as of 3 October. Please give a warm welcome to Brian Exelbierd (@bexelbie on Twitter).

If you’ve been involved in Fedora, you may have already been working with Brian. He’s involved in the Fedora Docs Project and was one of the key organizers for this year’s Flock conference in Krakow, Poland. Brian spearheaded the bid for Krakow, and was deeply involved in logistics before, during, and after Flock.

Brian has been with Red Hat for several years, most recently as a software engineer as part of the developer tools group. He is based in Brno, Czech Republic, and will be working out of the Red Hat Brno office. He has a deep background in technical documentation, and has also worked with Red Hat’s content services group as a technical writer and content strategist.  He will be looking to continuing to lend a hand to Fedora’s Documentation working group as part of his FCL duties.

Please note that, while you’ll continue to see Brian around in Fedora before 3 October, he won’t be assigned to Fedora full time until then. Feel free to reach out with congratulations, but give him a bit to get fully engaged with Fedora duties. If you will be at LinuxCon EU in Berlin, feel free to talk to him in person.  He will be at the Fedora booth or the Red Hat booth wearing multiple hats as he transitions fully to his new role.

Congratulations, Brian!

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  1. Sebastiaan

    Seems like someone is a futurama fan. Good news!

    Also, congrats Brian!

  2. ifoolb

    Is it possible to work for Fedora part-time?

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