Earlier today, the GNOME project announced the release of GNOME 3.18, the next version of the default desktop environment available in Fedora Workstation. The best and easiest way to try out GNOME 3.18 for yourself is to use the freshly released Beta version of Fedora 23 Workstation. GNOME 3.18 has over 25,000 changes, updates and new features contributed by over 770 contributors:

Updates to Files

Files (aka Nautilus) in GNOME 3.18 is one of the default applications that has been given a lot of attention for this release, including improved folder creation, easier file and folder renaming, UI feedback on file operations like copying files, and Google Drive integration


Files (aka Nautilus) in GNOME 3.18

Firmware Updates

The Linux Vendor Firmware Service is now integrated in GNOME 3.18, and will notify you if there are firmware updates available for your hardware (e.g. BIOS updates), and allow you to install them from the Software Application.


New Applications

There are also a bunch new stable and tech preview apps from the GNOME team, including Calendar, Characters, and Todo


Be sure to check out the Release Notes, Other improvements page and the Release Announcement from the GNOME Project for more details on what is in the new release.