Fedora 20 Final name Announced

Voting has concluded for the Fedora 20 release name, and the results are now available for viewing. The Fedora 20 release name is: Heisenbug For the non-software developers, as described by Wikipedia, “Heisenbug is a computer programming jargon term for… Continue Reading →

Ohio Linux Fest 2013

Ohio Linux Fest is coming upon us September 13-15, 2013. Since 2005, the Ohio LinuxFest has attracted over 1000 visitors to the Greater Columbus Convention Center. This is a great free venue for people of all Linux experience levels to explore their… Continue Reading →

FUDcon Cusco 26-29 September 2013

FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference, a major free software event held in various regions around the world, usually annually per region. FUDCon is a combination of sessions, talks, workshops, and hackfests in which contributors work on specific… Continue Reading →

Retiring packages for Fedora 20

Some packages are orphaned or did not build for two releases and will be retired when Fedora (F20) is branched, unless someone adopts them. If you know for sure that the package should be retired, please do so now with… Continue Reading →

Flock Conference 2013 – Charleston, South Carolina

For eight years, Fedora users and developers have gathered at an event named for them, the Fedora Users and Developers conference (FUDCon). But we’ve grown, and it’s time for a new approach: Flock. Flock is a brand new conference where… Continue Reading →

Fedora Security SIG Update

The Fedora Security SIG (Special Interests Groups) is coming back with a new mission and new momentum! Previously the Security SIG concentrated on security responses to vulnerabilities and answered questions from the Fedora community. While this service isn’t going away… Continue Reading →

Fedora 19 for ARM announced!

ARM chips are the most widely-produced processor family in the world; they have historically been used in cell phones and embedded applications, and are increasingly used in tablet devices and low-power-consumption servers. The Fedora-ARM project is an initiative to bring… Continue Reading →

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