Meet the supplemental wallpapers in Fedora 28

The release of Fedora 28 is growing closer, and now you can see the supplemental wallpaper for the upcoming release. The Fedora Design team works with the community to supplement the standard wallpaper for each release. For this release there is a set of 16 additional wallpapers for your enjoyment and use. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all those who submitted — do try again next release. Here are the amazing entries included in the upcoming release.

The winners were selected by a community vote. The next election of supplemental wallpapers happens during the development of Fedora 29. The contest will be announced here in the Fedora Magazine.

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  1. Maimela

    they really look nice

  2. Folkert M.

    Hello Sirko, that’s a surprise. Thanks for your selection. I know, I have a rare first and last name. I can not say now if I made my click when selecting the license, where my name is suppressed. But I agree with the mention of my name.

  3. clime

    Hello, what I miss in the selection is some really green wallpaper (grass-like). I always was picking green wallpapers but last two releases there wasn’t one to pick.

  4. Rajiv

    how to download these wallpapers in fedor 27?

  5. It’d be great if the remaining wallpapers are also easily downloadable as a pack too, even if they are not in the repos. They are also great 🙂

  6. Charles

    Really Nice Wallpapers F4F

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