Stickers on sale at UnixStickers!

Stickers on sale!

You might have seen our recent article on Fedora stickers from UnixStickers. The company makes high quality stickers that promote a variety of projects and communities, at reasonable prices. Fedora is proud to partner with UnixStickers. This way you can use our distinctive logo to personalize your favorite hardware, cases, guitars, pets, whatever. (Hey, we don’t judge.)

Right now UnixStickers is running a 30% off sale on their whole Fedora collection. You can even get a shipping discount for bigger orders.

If you were waiting for a perfect time to slap that famous infinity bubble on all your stuff, this is it. Place your order here.

By the way, if you do something fun or crazy with your stickers, we’d love to see it. Use this link to point us to a URL where we can see your picture. Who knows? You might end up in a future article showing off your sticker savvy.

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  1. Skavoovie

    Website indicates our Fedora sticker purchase suppors the Gnome Foundation rather than Fedora? The sticker should support the organization the sticker represents, or even better, perhaps UNIXStickers could offer the purchaser the choice of what organization to support out of a list.

    • Unixstickers makes a donation to a specific chosen project every month. This month, it happens to be Gnome Foundation. Last month, it was Django, and before that, the FSF. See for more.

      In addition, they do support Fedora by providing Fedora swag for conferences (which we requested in lieu of a monetary donation, which is hard for Fedora to deal with).

  2. antikythera

    I posted about the sale over on fedoraforum yesterday. I can vouch for the quality of the stickers and the reasonable overseas delivery times. I didn’t do anything crazy with my stickers though. They were used in the boring conventional manner 😉

    • Thanks for vouching! They really are high quality stickers, and a good value even at the regular price. Which is good, because it looks like the sale has ended now. 🙂

  3. I have bought stickers before, and they are of a great quality. I would order some Fedora ones, but the strange placement of the TM with bump makes them look very strange. If there would be a second edition without the TM sticking out, I would slap one onto my laptop.

  4. meta

    Just got some! Can’t wait to represent in the office. I love Fedora!

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