Have you been looking for Fedora stickers? We have good news for you.

Fedora stickers now available

Fedora stickers everywhere!

Fedora has partnered with UnixStickers to bring you high-quality stickers that show your love for Fedora. Now you can mark your gear with a friendly logo that shows you love open source software and collaboration. And since they’re super-affordable, you can order extra and share with friends. That makes sense, since open source is all about sharing.

Fedora stickers go great anywhere – on your laptop…

Fedora stickers on laptop

Fedora stickers on laptop cover

…on a backpack…

Fedora sticker on a bag

…on your dog…

Fedora sticker meets dog

Fedora sticker meets dog

Okay, maybe not your dog. But they are really useful and fun elsewhere. Stop by and browse the collection at UnixStickers today.

Fedora stickers in a jar

All photos courtesy of the folks at UnixStickers.