Fedora stickers available on UnixStickers

Have you been looking for Fedora stickers? We have good news for you.

Fedora stickers now available

Fedora stickers everywhere!

Fedora has partnered with UnixStickers to bring you high-quality stickers that show your love for Fedora. Now you can mark your gear with a friendly logo that shows you love open source software and collaboration. And since they’re super-affordable, you can order extra and share with friends. That makes sense, since open source is all about sharing.

Fedora stickers go great anywhere – on your laptop…

Fedora stickers on laptop

Fedora stickers on laptop cover

…on a backpack…

Fedora sticker on a bag

…on your dog…

Fedora sticker meets dog

Fedora sticker meets dog

Okay, maybe not your dog. But they are really useful and fun elsewhere. Stop by and browse the collection at UnixStickers today.

Fedora stickers in a jar

All photos courtesy of the folks at UnixStickers.

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  1. I already have some Linux stickers from UnixStickers and I must say that those are really good. We did need someone like UnixStickers to provide swags for Linux-ers.

    • Glad you have a good experience with UnixStickers! 🙂 They are also a great group of people too and are willing to go the extra mile for Unix projects.

  2. arehtykitna

    ‘Fedora has partnered…’ hopefully means Fedora Project gets some income from these stickers? Either way I’ve ordered a blue sticker pack for £8 which includes shipping to see what they are like. I think that is very reasonable. Plus it saves me messing about with special inkjet paper and a craft knife.

    • Yes, it is a mutually beneficial relationship between Fedora and the folks over at UnixStickers. You can know that by buying stickers from UnixStickers, you are also helping support the Fedora Project!

  3. wangliang

    i love these stickers, but how get them ?

  4. Wow cool, whether these stickers will also be distributed to all users in worldwide. Perhaps this is exciting news if the sticker distributed in my country too, Indonesia.

  5. Roger Hammer

    The Red Hat logo on the Oldsmobile is flaking off. These are arriving just in time.

  6. Thank you Justin, and all the Fedora Team. Partnering with Fedora has been one of the most exciting things happened during the last months 🙂 Since we started, Fedora has always been one of the most requested distro, so, we are super happy to be able to offer these awesome stickers to all your users around the world.

    Furthermore, today we have launched our new donation program that will help FOSS projects to raise money through our sales, for anyone interested here is our blog post about that http://www.unixstickers.com/blog/unixstickers-new-donation-system-open-letter

    Thanks, Stefano.

  7. Just last month I was looking for the stickers on unixstickers.com, happy you guys added them now, I ordered the blue combo pack! Thanks Barry

  8. Skavoovie

    Great news on the Fedora stickers! They look AWESOME and I would like to offer one item of feedback if I may, in the event that anyone involved in the project happens to review the comments of this announcement.

    Has any thought been given to moving the Trademark (TM) indicator on the Fedora bubble sticker? The smal bump in the lower-right hand corner for the “TM” really messes with the style and flow of the sticker.

    I have a couple older Fedora stickers which I received via a contact at Red Hat which did not have the TM jutting outside the bubble area (it is printed in the main blue area of the sticker), and it looks SO much cleaner and sharper!

    It also looks like performing “surgery” on the sticker with an exacto knife prior to application would not be a solution, based upon where the “TM” characters are in relation to the natural edge of the main curve of the sticker.

    I hope Fedora and UNIX Stickers will give serious consideration to tweaking the bubble sticker to restore the smooth curve in the sticker. 🙂

    Congrats on the stickers! Glad to see some created that funnel support back to the Fedora Project!

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