Last week the Fedora community was asked to share ideas about difficult conversations. collected many great responses. This week the blogging challenge continues with ideas on how to measure success.

Metrics are important to the Fedora Project.  You can see them as part of the Fedora Project Leader’s State of Fedora presentations.  You can also find them as a proposed Google Summer of Code project for Fedora.  Today, we can see statistics on topics such as the estimated usage of Fedora by version or the number of active contributors.  Are these the statistics we want? Do they help us guide the project? Share your thoughts and become part of the worldwide spread of open source and the ideas behind it.

What you can do

Write a blog post about this week’s theme and publish it. Please consider adding the link in the comments to this post. Tweet or use other social media to send your link to both and us, by including the hashtags #osscommunities and #Fedora. will publish a roundup of posts every Friday. Do you want to see your post included? Then let everyone know about it by Thursday.

This week’s theme is measuring success.

You’re free to write about anything related to the theme. Fedora and offer the following suggested topics:

  • How does the Fedora Project use metrics in the areas where you contribute?
  • What metrics should the Fedora Project capture and why?
  • Are numbers important in measuring community success? Which numbers? How do you collect them?
  • What vanity metrics should you avoid?
  • What if your project doesn’t want more developers? How can an “open source” project close its door to new developers?
  • Do social media followers matter?
  • How do you count a contribution? Who qualifies as a “contributor”?
  • When is a contributor no longer a contributor?
  • How do you measure and report how well your community manager is doing?
  • X ways to know if your community is healthy and Y things to measure.

We look forward to seeing your posts!