Do you know how to do something on Fedora that needs to be shared with the world? Want to share an awesome piece of Fedora news that you know? Do you or someone you know use Fedora in an interesting way? The Fedora Magazine is  always open for new contributors to write awesome, relevant content. Fedora Magazine is run by the Fedora community: users, developers, and everyone in between.

While much of our content features material for Workstation users, we also feature articles for other Fedora users: sysadmins, power users, and developers that use Fedora.

Be sure to get in contact with us even if you just have an awesome article idea, making more content that you all want to see is a primary goal of the Fedora Magazine.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to start writing for Fedora Magazine! You just need to have decent skill in written English, since that’s the language in which we publish. Our editors can help polish your work for maximum impact.

Follow this easy process to get involved.

The writers and editors use the Fedora Magazine mailing list to plan future articles. Create a new thread to that list and introduce yourself. If you have some ideas for posts, add them to your message as well. The Magazine team will then guide you through getting started. The team also hangs out on #fedora-magazine on Freenode. Drop by, and we can help you get started