Registration Open: Fedora 40 Release Party on May 24-25

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Join us next weekend on Friday and Saturday, May 24-25 to celebrate the release of Fedora Linux 40! We’re going to be hearing from community members inside and outside of the Fedora Project on what is new in Fedora 40, what we can look forward to next, and how we come together as a community.

Register Here

Register to attend the Fedora 40 Release Party here!

What topics will be discussed?

  • We’ll learn about upgrades like KDE Plasma 6 and Fedora Asahi Remix 40
  • Community updates like from the Fedora DEI Team and Mentored Project Initiative
  • Infrastructure changes like with Kiwi for Fedora Cloud and the Git Forge investigation
  • Updates from our downstream friends at Universal Blue and Ultramarine
  • And more! Here’s the schedule of topics and speakers

Join us!

What is a release party?

Fedora Release Parties are virtual, user-focused conferences where the community comes together to talk about what’s new in the latest release of Fedora and where we’re going for future releases. Topics we’ve covered include the process of working through implementing a change and roadmaps for what different teams want to do next in Fedora. Sometimes there are updates from Fedora-associated groups who have something to share, like Amazon or Lenovo. We also have breaks for socials where we can talk to each other in video calls (you don’t have to share video or speak if you don’t want to). If you have an interest in a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite distro, come learn and hang out with the contributors who make it!

Where will it happen?

In previous years we used Hopin to run virtual conferences, but the Fedora 40 Release Party will be the first that we do in Matrix! We’ve wanted to do this since the Creative Freedom Summit showed how it could be done a couple of years ago. This is a step that allows us to lean more on open source for outreach.

However, we also want to be open in another way, and that’s with livestreaming. We will be streaming the talks on our Fedora Project YouTube channel. That way anyone can watch and the streams will be immediately available afterwards!

Please register for the release party! Once you do and provide your Matrix ID, the organizers will invite you to the Matrix channel and we’ll be on our way to a great celebration.

We hope to see you there!

Learn more

Check out the Fedora 39 Release Party to get an idea of the kinds of topics we cover.

Get hyped on social media with hashtag #FedoraReleaseParty!

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  1. Pedro Sá Vinhas

    Great, thank you ! Parties are great for socializing and interchange ideas. Looking forward to add a few cents

  2. Pedro Sá Vinhas

    40 already? Hum, se mau bem in for a generation switch 😁

  3. Steve Monceau

    Compared with previous release parties, the topics are not as varied as the ones I attended (F34 onwards). I would have expected balanced topics around new features and changes, and people behind it. The agenda is skewed towards a couple of working groups and being politically correct.

    No full agenda published as of 18 May, less than 6 days away. Poor planning..

    • jeffiscow

      I’m curious what parts do you feel are skewed to being “being politically correct”?

  4. josef radinger

    a matrix-account is needed?

  5. JanDeMus

    What is the Matrix?

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