Preview of the Fedora Project in Google Summer of Code 2014

GsoCContributors are one of the most important assets for volunteer-led Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects. With this dynamic in mind, the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program provides a way for university students to explore open source projects and work with their contributors during the summer. For those of us involved in open source projects, GSoC is a great program because we reap the benefit of student contributions.

This summer marks the 9th year that the Fedora Project has participated in GSoC, which celebrates its 10th year in 2014. We have completed 50+ projects and have plenty more to work on.

The Fedora Project is a collection of diverse people around the globe, and the project’s needs and requirements vary. With GSoC, our main objective is to earn some long-term contributors from the pool of participating university students.

Our project ideas for GSoC students fall under a few categories: applications for users, applications for developers, Fedora spin and remixes, application for system administrators, infrastructure for the community, improvements to existing features in the operating system, and, most importantly, collaboration projects with other FOSS projects and organizations.

Fedora is an operating system on which other software runs, so it makes sense that Fedora community members also contribute to other open source projects. The ideas we’ve collected are listed at Summer Coding Ideas for 2014. Please refer to the link for more info; however, we are not limited to these ideas, so students can add their ideas, too.

Fedora GSoC mentors are project contributors and veteran mentors who have mentoring experience from past GSoC sessions. Most importantly, our list of mentors includes contributors who got involved with Fedora back when they were GSoC students.

We invite you to check the [GSoC portal] ( on the Fedora wiki.

Apply to Participate in Google Summer of Code at:

The deadline to apply is Friday, March 21 at 19:00 UTC.

We look forward to having a wonderful year with university students. Happy Summer Coding!

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