Polari — a minimal IRC client for Fedora

Polari is a minimal IRC client available in Fedora 20. It is designed to distill the IRC experience down to a super-simple interface, a list of chat windows on the left, and chatting in the main pane on the right. It also uses the GNOME telepathy backend, and allows you to reply to chat messages straight from the notifications that pop up at the bottom of the Fedora desktop.

It’s well worth a try out as a replacement to xchat, xchat-gnome or hexchat. Note that this client only does IRC (no other IM protocol is supported). Although you can use something like bitlbee to send IM messages through to polari.

You can find polari in the Fedora Software application, or via the command line with sudo yum install polari




Fedora Project community


  1. I gave this a try today. It’s pretty nice and clean looking, in F20 GNOME 3.10. I don’t like how the list of folks in each room isn’t sticky in the newer version for GNOME 3.12. Also – I can’t join rooms that have passphrases to enter. If you have rooms you hang out in that are passphrased, you may not want to migrate right now.

  2. EP

    Looks nice,

    I like the new direction modern IRC clients are going like ths one and also Cable for ElementaryOS.

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