New PackageDB now available for Fedora Packagers

The Fedora Packagers are the folks behind the scenes that take all the new software coming down from upstream and build them for the rest of us to use on Fedora.

Recently, the Fedora Infrastructure Development team announced the new version of PackageDB — a tool especially for packagers — was available for use. Fedora currently distributes over 16000 packages, and PackageDB is the application that manages the permissions (who can update what, who is the bugzilla assignee, etc) for packages.


Check out the announcement for further details of the changes.



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  1. sam

    it would be nice if it showed what version of the package was in each release.

    • Thanks for the comment sam! Packagedb is now primarily a tool for just managing the permissions for packagers.

      The Fedora Packages website probably contains more of the information you want. –

      Maybe I should do a post on that (its not new, but seems to be not well known about)

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