New Fedora Slimbook 14″ joins the Fedora Slimbook 16″

A Fedora Slimbook is off to the right with the words "available now" in the middle and the Fedora and Slimbook logos at the bottom.

Cover image by Daimar Stein

It’s been about a month since we announced the Fedora Slimbook laptop. That was just the first step in our partnership with Slimbook to see Fedora Linux preinstalled on more devices. The feedback we’ve received has been great! With that, we wanted to share more news from our hardware partner that we hope is exciting for you.

Introducing the Fedora Slimbook 14″

As awesome as the Fedora Slimbook 16″ is, we heard many of you express concerns over the size of the laptop or the Nvidia card, wishing there was a smaller option available. So Slimbook answered the call with the smaller Fedora Slimbook 14″ for those who prefer it – still with the great Fedora branding on the back of the lid and on the super key, and still with Fedora Workstation preinstalled!

Key Features:

  • No Nvidia GPU: In some ways it’s odd to list this as a feature, but for those who want to make sure the default Fedora experience covers all of the hardware, here you go!
  • Intel i7-12700H Processor: Experience top-notch performance for all your computing needs.
  • 99Wh Battery: Stay productive and connected on the go with an extended all day long battery life.
  • Lightweight 1.25Kg: Carry it effortlessly wherever you go.
  • Magnesium Chassis: A sleek and durable construction.
  • 2880 x 1800 Resolution: Enjoy vibrant visuals and crisp details on a high-resolution display.
  • 99% sRGB Color Accuracy: Perfect for design, media, and content creation.

Same as with the Fedora Slimbook 16″, 3% of the revenue from each Fedora Slimbook 14″ sale will be donated to the GNOME Foundation.

Hopefully the Fedora Slimbook 14″ can give you the right mix of power and portability while showing off your Fedora love! Find more details at


Slimbook is also being generous with the Fedora community by offering two discounts you can apply!

To celebrate the release of Fedora Linux 39, Slimbook is offering a €100 discount on both Fedora Slimbooks! As you go to check out you should see this discount already applied. This will be available for a limited time.

Besides that there is also the Fedora contributor discount which gives you an additional €100 off! If you’re a contributor to the Fedora Project you can find more info on how to get this discount from this Community Blog post.

Slimbook has been great to work with as we develop this partnership to make Linux more accessible on hardware. We hope that these announcements are exciting for you as Fedora continues to focus on our hardware partner initiative!

Fedora Project community


  1. Luis

    I want that slimbook but I want it with fedora kde plasma

    • Justin

      Just install KDE set it as default.

    • Chinmay

      Well, you can easily switch your desktop environment using dnf.

      • aererawef

        No it is not if you really tired. Most things works but there will be a lot more small config problem than KDE default version.

        • Sideshow Bon

          I have not had any problems doing this for years now. Left over cruft being a problem after installing another DE is a thing of the past. If you’re really that paranoid about it, you can always download the KDE spin and install fresh yourself.

          • tolga erok

            No problems with KDE either. Been using it for years on RHEL, Fedora (39) and NixOS.

  2. trauben saft

    why is the touchpad so enormous, it divides the total space in half almost? i’d wish for a laptop with no touchpad at all, a good trackpoint is all that’s needed really.

    • name

      lol, this makes no sense, go get a girlfriend dude.

    • Harry

      I used to have a laptop without a touchpad (thinkpad).
      It’s not better than a laptop with a modern touchpad.

  3. yabs

    I am so sick of every company making 14″ laptops and then intentionally making the hardware worse while acting as if the machine really was somehow ‘smaller’. 14″ is standard display size for average laptops, you’re not winning any awards here.

    Call me back when you guys remember netbooks exist.

    • Umm… small reminder that the screen to body ratio of the screen is really good, so even though it has a 14″ screen it has a 13″ body. It is a really small laptop and it is still powerful, it just doesn’t have a dedicated GPU.

  4. L Hoejd

    Looks really nice and portable. If I were on the hunt for a laptop for personal use I’d give it consideration. It’s cool that the feedback from the previous laptop article was received and could be acted upon (no nvidia graphics).

  5. Mng

    I really wish those crappy touchpads would die. Can we not get a laptop with proper touchpad with physical buttons?

    Full sized arrow keys would be nice too. That and dedicated buttons for page up, page down, home and end.

    Lastly, why is it using a 2 year old processor?

    • James

      Yes, and a numpad. And a battery that lasts 3 days. They are also missing the floppy drive.

  6. Stephen

    Really nice looking gear

  7. Alex

    €100 discount on a last year’s cheap Chinese whitelabel laptop, which isn’t worth even €500 today – what a great deal!

  8. Looks like a fabulous step ahead! 14″ is travel-friendly-er, and it will be interesting to see who opts for fedora-pre-install and how important that is for some fedora users (perhaps including organizations).

  9. null_pointer_00

    Why not an AMD GPU? Why is so difficult to find a laptop with an AMD dedicated GPU?

    • Dani_L

      Not that difficult. Framework has RX7700S as an expansion module, for example. The Lenovo Z16 AMD has an RX 6500M option. They’re not common, but certainly not that hard to find.

  10. Stock, simple as that. Nowadays there isn’t nearly as big of a chip shortage as during the pandemic, but Intel still has a significantly bigger stock of chips AFAIK.

  11. XK27

    Will firmware be updated via LVFS?

  12. Kevin

    Posting this from the 14″ Fedora Slimbook. It’s a fantastic machine. Great keyboard, trackpad. Great battery life: I’m seeing 7-8hrs. Powerful for a thin and light laptop, and most importantly, everything “just works” with Fedora out of the box.

  13. Tsewang Gyurmey

    Drat! Why couldn’t this have happened BEFORE I bought a new laptop? Argh!

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