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This week in Fedora I wanted to go over some of the new badges that have come out and show how to get them. With the upcoming release of Fedora 21 there is a lot of chances to earn some pretty cool badges and show off your Fedora! As always, if you have an awesome idea for a badge, you can submit your idea, and if it gets approved then you can say “Yeah I thought of the idea for that badge”… oh did I mention you get a badge for that!

Submit a new badge

Don’t Call it a Comeback

If you reactivate your FAS account and come back to the awesome Fedora project you get this awesome badge.


Marking yourself on the Fedora “Fedocal” vacation calendar when you are out, will get you this badge. This is especially nice if you are a package maintainer or working on something, that way people know when to fill in and when you are returning.

 The Panda Is In

 If you ever attend an event and represent either a booth or a table, You can claim this awesome panda. He or she is doing an awesome job showing off that booth!

 Keepin Fedora Beautiful (F21)

The submission phase for wallpapers is open currently and will lock one week after Fedora Flock. Now is the time to get your wallpapers in. Your wallpaper could be in the next Fedora release, and you’ll get this special time-limited badge.

Stay tuned each week, I will post what the latest happenings are with the Fedora Badges, winners and awesome new badges.


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  1. I love the design on the Fedora Badges.

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