Linux Voice magazine periodically releases older issues of their magazine under a CC-BY-SA license so the entire Linux community can read, share and use the articles they publish (they also donate 50% of their profits to the Free Software community).Today, they released Issue 12 of Linux Voice under the CC-BY-SA license, nine months after the release of the magazine back in February.

Of particular interest to Fedora users is at the end of their Distro Hopper segment, they take a look at our first ever release — Fedora Core 1. While obviously a little dated, with the release of Fedora 23 so close, there is also a review of Fedora 21. The issue also features an interview with systemd developer Lennart Poettering.

Jump over to the Linux Voice website to download each section as individual PDFs, or the entire issue as a PDF or e-pub.

Cover image from Linux Voice Issue 12 — CC-BY-SA