Emoji, the cute Ideograms that are now part of Unicode are now used fairly widely in messaging, especially on mobile devices. However, if you receive a message from someone with an Emoji on it, or view a page online what uses Emoji, the majority OF Emoji appear as a Unicode fallback symbol:

emoji _on_wikipedia

Unicode fallback symbols when no emoji font is installed

Getting Emoji to display

Thankfully, it is pretty easy to get Emoji to display everywhere on Fedora by just installing the Symbola font. This font is packaged in the official Fedora repos, and can be found in Software by searching for Symbola. Alternatively, you can install this package from the command line with:

sudo yum install gdouros-symbola-fonts

Colour Emoji

After installing the Symbola font, you will quickly notice that your Emoji will display as monochrome icons rather than the coloured versions available on most mobile devices. Colour Emoji are currently not available in Fedora, but the GNOME upstream has a design page briefly outlining the feature, including some initial designs for the colour Emoji themselves. There is also the beautiful set of CC-BY-SA Emoji from EmojiOne, which could also be an option in the future when support for coloured fonts is implemented in Linux.