Planning is heavily underway for the annual Fedora contributors conference, Flock 2017. The conference is in Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA from August 29 – September 1, 2017. If you’re a contributor, or want to become one, here are some ways you can get involved.

Flock registration

First, registration is now open on the website. The registration this year includes a small fee to offset swag and setup costs per attendee. The fee for USA attendees is $25.

This fee has been scaled via the Big Mac Index to other countries and geographic areas. This means the fee in each country should roughly be the same level of spending, rather than the exact equivalent in local currency. That makes it easier for people in each area to register.

When you register you also have the option to cover other people’s fees. This means anyone can contribute to make it easier for someone else to attend.

Submissions: Talks and workshops

Second, the call for submissions for talks and workshops is also open. However, before submitting, take heed. This year’s conference is highly focused on getting things done! So instead of “state of the project” talks, submissions are encouraged to focus on building skills and participation. Here are some examples of better submission topics:

  • Setting up and using Fedora Atomic Host
  • Gathering user feedback on a Fedora web app
  • Writing package tests in dist-git using Ansible

You can submit your talk or workshop on the same Flock registration site until June 15, 2017

Other resources

There is also a mailing list for communicating with other attendees, as well as a Freenode IRC channel. The website also lists several hints for transportation to the event venue.

We encourage you to get your registration and submission in as soon as you can — the conference will fill up quickly!